2.0.0 (BETA 4)

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2.0.0 (BETA 4) was an update for Team Fortress 2 Classic. It was released on Feb 27, 2016. This was the last update made to the game for over four years. It featured some bug fixes, enhancements, and weapon changes. The patch notes are on the archived TF2C Wiki.

This update came after 2.0.0 (BETA 3) and before 2.0.0.



Remade every class icon (hud, selection screen, etc)

Updated Mercenary model + texture

Updated Civilian animation

tf_weaponspawner now allows options to disable glow and rotation

Added tf2c_building_upgrades to disable upgrades on dispenser and teleporter


Removed the Heavy Artillery

Added the Tommy Gun

Added several map specific Deathmatch melee weapons

Added Civilian Umbrella

RPG stats changed to replace Deathmatch Rocket Launcher

  • (maps have not been recompiled with this change yet)

Tranquilizer updated


Updated Wiseau soundscapes

Updated DM_Grain

Added a new test map, dm_lineage_a1. Due to potential crashes this map has not been added to the default Deathmatch rotation.


Fixed character gestures

Fixed crash related to voting

Fixed crash related to buildings and building gibs