Tranquilizer Gun

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Tranquilizer Gun
Backpack Tranquilizer Gun.png
Kill Icons
Killicon tranq.png
Basic Information
Used by Spy
Slot Primary
Ammo loaded 1
Ammo carried 24
Loadout Stats

Tranquilizer Gun

Tranquilizer Gun

On Hit: Color blind victim, slow their movement, and decrease ranged gun damage for 5s

Tranquilized enemies take guaranteed crits from melee attacks

This weapon will reload when not active

"In your dreams, chéri."

The Tranquilizer Gun is an alternative primary weapon for the Spy. It is a metal, pistol-shaped pneumatic dart gun that shoots a single large syringe dart, loaded by placing one in its barrel via a metal hinge. Even though the darts have a team-colored tracer, they will always appear black when embedded in the world.

The Tranquilizer Gun fires one dart at a time, dealing 20 damage regardless of range, that will tranquilize an enemy player for 5 seconds. The length of time tranquilized decreases with distance, down to 1.5 seconds at long range. There is no time reduction if the dart dealt critical or mini-crit damage. The effect will only last 50% as long if being healed by a Medi Gun or a Dispenser. Using a health pack, or being ÜberCharged, will instantly remove the effect.

While tranquilized, that player will have their movement speed reduced by 20% and ranged damage (excluding afterburn and bleed) reduced by 30%, with a black-and-white colorblind effect that prevents viewing the name tags of players and which fades over time. The damage reduction includes projectiles that were fired before the enemy was tranquilized. Critical damage is only reduced by 10%. If an Engineer is tranquilized, it will not reduce damage from his Sentry Gun. In addition, all melee weapons, including the Spy's own Knife, will deal guaranteed critical damage against that player. The Tranquilizer Gun can also damage enemy buildings, but it will not apply the tranquilize effect. When shooting a sapped Sentry Gun, it will only deal 67% of its base damage (13 or 14, down from 20). Shooting the gun will remove the Spy's current disguise.

The dart travels extremely fast, is 100% accurate, and is only affected by gravity by a small amount, making it viable to shoot enemies from a long distance away with minimal compensation. It will not deal any knockback. Like most projectiles, the dart can be deflected by an enemy Pyro.


Shot type Projectile
Damage type Bullet
Ranged or Melee? Ranged
Taunt Brush off
Base damage 100% 20
Critical 60
Mini-crit 27
Bullet count 1
Status Effects
Effect Tranquilize
Tranquilize duration 5 s
1.5 s
Loaded 1
Carried 24
Reload type Passive
Function Times
Attack interval 0.4 s
Reload 1.9 s
Activation time 0.025 s
All values are approximate.

Related achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c achievement tranq kill.png I'm Just Needling You Get a long-distance kill with the Tranquilizer Gun.
Tf2c achievement tranq support progression.png Enter Sandman Earn 2000 support points with the Tranquilizer Gun.
Tf2c achievement tranq hit blastjump.png Air Sickness Knock an airborne enemy out of the sky with your Tranquilizer Gun.
Tf2c achievement tranq melee kill.png Deep Sleep As a Spy, kill 10 tranquilized players with your melee weapon.
Tf2c achievement tranq counter kill.png Sleepwalker Kill 5 enemy Spies who tranquilized you.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Успокоителният пистолет Tranquilizer Gun
Spanish Pistola Sedante Sedative Gun
English Tranquilizer Gun -
French Pistolet tranquillisant Tranquilizer Gun
German Betäubungspistole Tranquilizer Gun
Italian Pistola tranquillante Tranquilizer Gun
Brazilian Portuguese Arma Tranquilizante Tranquilizer Gun
Romanian Pistol tranchilizant Tranquilizer Gun
Russian Транквилизатор Tranquilizer
Ukrainian Транквілізатор Tranquilizer

Update history

  • Reworked the Tranquilizer Gun:
    • Uses a new model.
    • Color blind's(sic) victims and reduces their move and turn speed for 5s.
    • Tranqed enemies draw, reload and swing weapons slower.
    • Reloads faster.
    • Reloads whilst holstered.
    • Tranqed enemies now have Snooze Particles to indicate they've been hit.
    • Dart Projectiles now work more like Flares.
    • Has no damage fall-off.
  • Fixed player being able to reload Tranquilizer Gun while cloaked.


  • Effect duration is now affected by distance falloff
  • Effect reworked: Colorblinds victim, and slows their movements by 33% for up to 5s
  • Slowing affects: Move speed, reload speed, weapon switch speed, melee attack speed, and Minigun spin-up and spin-down speed
  • No longer affects mouse sensitivity


  • Tranquilized enemies now take full crits from Knives
  • Fixed the tranquilized debuff being near instantly removed by healing, now halves duration as intended
  • Fixed tranquilized particles from staying on the player after immediately switching weapons


  • Updated the Tranquilizer Gun:
    • Dart trails have been heavily optimized and given a new appearance
    • Increased projectile speed by 20%
    • Tranquilized enemies now take crits from any melee attack
    • Lowered tranquilized condition's movement speed penalty from -33% to -20%
    • Tranquilized enemies now deal 20% less damage
    • Does not apply to damage over time or melee damage
    • Tranquilized enemies no longer have a melee firerate penalty
    • Tranquilized effect duration is no longer affected by falloff if the weapon fires a crit or minicrit
  • Support score is now awarded for damage dealt to enemies the player tranquilized


  • Overhauled trail particle appearance


  • Implemented unique killfeed icon for deflected dart


  • The Tranquilizer originates from Team Fortress Classic, and was originally intended to return in Team Fortress 2, making it as far as the game's first trailer. It is unknown what the Team Fortress 2 version's stats were.
  • Even though the Flight or Fight Day 3 update page states that "Tranquilized enemies now deal 20% less damage", the actual reduction in-game is 30%.