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Backpack R.P.G..png
Kill Icons
Killicon rpg.png
Killicon deflect rocket.png
Basic Information
Used by Soldier
Slot Primary
Ammo loaded 1
Ammo carried 20
Loadout Stats

The R.P.G.

Rocket Launcher

Rockets travel in an arc

+30% damage bonus

+15% self damage force

+30% damage to self

-25% projectile speed

-75% clip size

"It's a wonderful sight to behold when they're all soaring through the skies... and not towards your general direction."

The R.P.G. is an alternative primary weapon for the Soldier. Visually, it is a greener version of the Rocket Launcher, with a checkerboard pattern on its side and an oversized rocket sticking out of it.

Compared to the Rocket Launcher, it can only shoot one rocket per reload, traveling 25% slower yet dealing 30% more damage. The damage rampup is capped at 125%, down from 150%, although still dealing more damage than the Rocket Launcher. The rockets are also affected by gravity, and slowly fall to the ground in an arc while emitting a whistling sound. In addition, its rockets increase both explosive push force and self-damage against the user, with both attributes allowing for faster and higher rocket jumps than usual. Unlike the Rocket Launcher, the R.P.G. does not have any damage falloff, and will deal full damage on a direct hit at any range.

The arcing properties of the R.P.G.'s rockets allows the user to bombard enemy positions that are otherwise unreachable, including encampments behind walls and fortifications. This allows for arcing rockets from extremely far away, above and beyond the tall buildings of most maps. In addition, the increased damage and lack of damage falloff makes it viable to safely bombard a single position that enemies are grouped up in, such as Engineer nests, capture points, narrow hallways, and wherever the VIP happens to be.


Shot type Projectile
Damage type Explosive
Ranged or Melee? Ranged
Taunt Chest thump
Maximum ramp-up 125% 146
Base damage 100% 117
Maximum fall-off 100% 117
Critical 351
Mini-crit 158
Mini-crit (ramp-up) 197
Bullet count 1
Minimum splash 50% 146 HU
Damage reduction 1% / 2.88 HU
Self-damage 58-111
Self-damage (rocket jump) 35-64
Loaded 1
Carried 20
Reload type Single
Function Times
Attack interval 0.8 s
Reload 0.8 s
Activation time 0.025 s
All values are approximate.

Related achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c kill with distantrpg.png A Calculated Accident Kill an enemy player from a great distance with an arcing rocket.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Р.П.Г. R.P.G.
Spanish R.P.G. -
English R.P.G. -
French R.P.G. -
German R.P.G. -
Italian R.P.G. -
Brazilian Portuguese G.L.F. R.P.G.
Romanian R.P.G. -
Russian РПГ RPG
Ukrainian Р.П.Г. R.P.G.

Update history

  • Reworked the RPG:(sic)
    • Rockets do more damage, and have less damage fall-off.
    • Rockets fire in an arc, and whistle upon decent.
    • Rockets fly slower than normal rockets.
    • Added a different taunt when equipped with the RPG.
    • Updated Viewmodel animations.
  • Updated Rockets, Arrows, Syringes and Flares to pass through Teammates. (tf2c_projectile_ally_collide 1 to re-enable)


  • Increased self push force by 15%
  • Increased self damage by 30%
  • Now only plays a whistle sound while falling


  • The appearance of the R.P.G. is based on Team Fortress 2's beta Rocket Launcher appearance. The rendition in Team Fortress 2 Classic has a greener color.