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1.8.3 was an update for Team Fortress 2 Classic. It was released on March 8, 2015. It featured some enhancements and bug fixes, as well as two new maps. The patch notes are on the archived TF2C Wiki.

This update came after 1.8.2 and before 1.9.0.


Added missing Umbrella textures

Fixed bug where every team could see a disguised Spy

Added new Poacher's Pride sounds (AlexThePipe)

Added new Tranquilizer sounds (Trippy)

Altered animations for the Tranquilizer Gun and the Poacher's Pride (Trippy)

Added additional map dev textures (whynott and rummy)

Added a keyvalue to func_respawnroom to allow players carrying flags to pass through it without dropping the flag.

Added a bucket icon for the Poacher's Pride (Game Zombie)

Added new Poacher's Pride textures (Stachekip)

Added a new RPG model (Old Hermit & Game Zombie)

Included Linux binaries

Added a new filter_activator_tfclass entity which allows a specified class to pass through.

Added an OnDeath output to the player entity. It fires both when a player dies or when he disconnects from the server.

Added ctf_4frounds (whynott)

Added blockfortress_a5 (rummy)

Added a very VERY early version of Deathmatch mode.

W.I.P Mercenary model by Maxxy

Players can set their own model color using tf2c_setmerccolor R G B

  • Note: The merc. model with proper coloring support wasn’t ready yet.

Added a tf_logic_deathmtch entity. Place one in your map to mark your map as a DM map

Added dm_compound (OneFourth)