Basic Scout Strategy

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The Scout is the speed demon of Team Fortress 2 Classic. His 130% speed makes him the fastest class in the game by a mile, and his double capture rate combined with this enhanced speed makes him an ideal choice for sneakily capturing objectives under enemy noses and stealing enemy intelligence. He's a good choice for capturing objectives but is also a great choice for a great 1v1 combat class, having some of the greatest burst damage in the game while also having good sustain options as well. His unique double jump ability lets him access ambushing routes and get to places other classes have trouble getting to. Combine this mobility with his Scattergun's high damage output, and he is one of the best at picking and winning duels. This picking and winning potential lets him look for openings in the enemy's defence to pick off important or damaged enemies and then support his team at objectives. Despite all these strengths, Scout still has weaknesses. The Scout's low health pool means he relies on avoiding damage to survive; his double jump helps him with this, but no one can run forever, and dodging becomes harder when being attacked by multiple enemies at once. Cramped spaces also make it much harder for a Scout to do his job effectively, and threats that can track the Scout like Sentry Guns are the bane of his existence. But there is a reason why Scout is a contender for the best class in the game, and a Scout can be a constant threat, forcing the enemy team to be constantly alert, lest they risk eating lead for breakfast.

Primary Weapons


Backpack Scattergun.png

The Scattergun is the Scout's default primary weapon and has incredible damage output. At max ramp-up, it can deal up to 105 damage, and can kill up to 8 classes in two well-shots unless they have overheal, and even with overheal, it can still two-shot 4 out of the 9 classes. Use the Scout's speed to avoid fire while moving in for maximum damage. The Scattergun, however, has a pause between shots and a long reload, and missing all your shots could leave you vulnerable. Try running in circles around your enemy or reloading behind cover while reloading. The Scattergun is built for close range, and at long range, the Scattergun's spread means it doesn't do much other than tickle the enemy. When fighting at a distance or finishing low-health enemies, switch to the Pistol.

Nail Gun

Backpack Nail Gun.png

The Nail Gun is very different from the Scattergun. This weapon is automatic and fires projectiles, which means your damage has travel time and shots need to be led when fighting at range. Each nail does a little damage, so consistent tracking is needed to put out the most damage. Unlike the Scattergun this does not require point-blank range, so fighting from mid-range can be just as effective and easier to do. Use your speed to avoid attacks and constantly riddle enemies with nails. Due to this weapon's mid-range accuracy, it is also an effective tool against Sentries.



Backpack Pistol.png

The Pistol is a backup weapon that is accurate even at medium range. This weapon fires quickly and reloads all at once, and because of its mid-range accuracy, it is useful for finishing off enemies with little health that survive your Scattergun. It can be used to harass enemies, cover a retreat, and is useful for taking out Sentry Guns, one of the Scout's biggest obstacles. Keep track of how much you use this weapon, as the Pistol for Scout has a very small ammunition reserve, so keep that in mind.


Backpack Brick.png

The Brick is a projectile that can be thrown every six seconds to deal moderate damage and cause knockback, making it decent for mid-range harassment. and occasionally long-range harassment. That is, if you can land the shot. The Brick's knockback can also be used to knock enemies off of cliffs or off of the high ground, and it can even knock back ÜberCharged enemies. Overall, the Brick rewards you greatly for landing that one single hit; a Brick is equivalent to several Pistol shots. The Brick can even deal damage to buildings, but the charge time between shots makes it not the best Sentry-busting tool.

Melee Weapons


Backpack Bat.png

The Bat is the stock melee for Scout and swings rapidly but deals less damage than your Scattergun. It swings faster than other stock melees but also deals less damage. The Bat is best used to finish off dodgy enemies or other easy targets when you run out of Scattergun or Pistol shots.