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Nail Gun
Backpack Nail Gun.png
Kill Icons
Killicon nailgun.png
Basic Information
Used by Scout
Slot Primary
Ammo loaded 25
Ammo carried 125
Loadout Stats

The Nail Gun

Nail Gun

"Construction isn't on this man's agenda!"

The Nail Gun is an alternative primary weapon for the Scout. It is a white and gray pneumatic nail gun, with an oversized drum magazine attached to the barrel, holding a belt of nails. The nails leave faint team-colored trails behind them.

Unlike the Scattergun, the Nail Gun is an automatic magazine-fed weapon that shoots a fast stream of small nail projectiles that embed themselves into enemies. The nails have a base damage of 12 each, are shot at a rate of 10 per second, are slightly affected by gravity, and are inaccurate at long range. It deals slightly less damage per second than the Scattergun, but has sustained fire which enables a constant barrage of chip damage against an enemy. This is especially true at midrange, where the Scout can harass enemies while staying out of range from their attacks, including cutting off their pursuit by shooting nails down their path of travel. It also acts as a potent Sentry Gun destroyer, able to destroy buildings outside the Scout's typical range within seconds. As a consequence, the Nail Gun is more comparable to the Pistol in terms of use, featuring a similar midrange playstyle, albeit trading off the reliability of bullets for the entertainment value of nails.


Shot type Projectile
Damage type Bullet
Ranged or Melee? Ranged
Taunt Wiggle
Maximum ramp-up 150% 18
Base damage 100% 12
Maximum fall-off 52.8% 6
Critical 36
Mini-crit 16
Mini-crit (ramp-up) 24
Bullet count 1
Spread 0.03
Loaded 25
Carried 125
Reload type Clip
Function Times
Attack interval 0.1s
Reload 1.15 s
All values are approximate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Пистолет за пирони Nail Gun
Spanish Pistola de Clavos Nail Gun
English Nail Gun -
French Pistolet à clous Nail Gun
German Nagelpistole Nail Gun
Italian Sparachiodi Nail Gun
Brazilian Portuguese Arma de Pregos Nail Gun
Romanian Armă de cui Nail Weapon
Russian Гвоздемёт Nail Gun
Ukrainian Цвяхомет Nail Gun

Update history

  • Reworked the Nailgun(sic)
    • Fires slower than before.
    • Nerfed the clipsize down to 25.
    • Nails now do more damage than before.
    • Added a new taunt when equipped with the Nailgun.
    • Updated Viewmodel animations.
  • Fixed syringes & nails colliding with players.
  • Added special Class Select animations for the Nailgun(sic), Huntsman and Hunting Revolver.
  • Improved the Nailgun’s(sic) projectile trails.
  • Improved the Scout’s Nailgun(sic) animations.
  • Disabled muzzle light on Syringe Gun and Nailgun.(sic)


  • Updated the Nailgun:
    • Damage rampup increased to 175% (from 150%) to match Scattergun (Max damage now 20 up from 17)
    • Increased fire rate to 0.1s (from 0.115s)
    • Clip size & max ammo reduced by 20%
  • Updated nail/syringe projectiles:
    • Are now consistent with the server's projectile position


  • Reverted back to its 2.0.0 stats



  • Fixed nail and syringe projectiles playing impact sounds when touching friendly buildings


  • Updated the Nailgun:
    • Increased fire rate by ~12.5% (to 0.1s, from 0.115s)
    • Updated first person model to animate the ammo belt (Raptor Dan)


  • The Nail Gun in Team Fortress 2 Classic originated from Team Fortress Classic. It was planned to make a reappearance in Team Fortress 2, but was cut during development. It can be seen in the Orange Box 2006 PlayStation 3 trailer.
  • The Nail Gun's model is directly taken from Team Fortress 2's pre-release files.
  • When holding down the attack button, the Nail Gun's ammo count does not update smoothly enough to reflect the precise amount of nails fired, often stuttering its ammo count inaccurately until the clip is empty.