Medi Gun

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Medi Gun
Backpack Medi Gun.png
Basic Information
Used by Medic
Slot Secondary
Loadout Stats

Medi Gun

Medi Gun

"The Gods will feel the pain of what they've allowed to be created in this world."

The Medi Gun is the default secondary weapon of the Medic. When the charge meter is at 100%, it can ÜberCharge the Medic and their patient for 8 seconds, granting them invulnerability.

While mini-crit boosted by the Civilian's Umbrella, the Medi Gun gives 35% increased heal rate and ÜberCharge gain rate.


Taunt Bow
Status Effects
Effect ÜberCharge
Effect duration 8 s
Healing (in combat) 100% 24 / s
Healing (out of combat) 300% 72 / s
Beam connect distance 450 HU
Beam disconnect distance 540 HU
Function Times
Charge fill speed 2.5% / s
1.25% / s
Charge fill time 40 s
80 s
All values are approximate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Медикаментозното оръжие Medical Gun
Spanish Pistola Médica Medical Gun
English Medi Gun -
French Medigun -
German Medigun -
Italian Pistola medica Medical Gun
Brazilian Portuguese Arma Médica Medical Gun
Romanian Armă medicală Medical Gun
Russian Лечебная пушка Medical Gun