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Backpack Brick.png
Kill Icons
Killicon brick.png
Basic Information
Used by Scout
Slot Secondary
Loadout Stats



"Hit the bricks pal, you're done."

The Brick is a secondary weapon for the Scout that is thrown in an arc as a projectile, leaving a team-colored trail in its wake. Appearing as a red-colored, three-holed masonry brick, the Scout holds one Brick at a time, and recharges six seconds after it is thrown. Like most projectiles, the Brick can be airblasted by an enemy Pyro.

Hitting a target with the Brick will deal 50 damage regardless of range, knocking back the target based on the angle of impact. The amount of damage done has no effect on the knockback. Unlike most weapons that deal knockback, it will force an enemy Heavy to unrev their Minigun, and an enemy Sniper to unscope their Sniper Rifle. It can only deal damage once per throw, cannot deal any damage once it impacts an object, and cannot be picked back up once thrown. The Brick can damage buildings as well as players.


Shot type Projectile
Damage type Untyped
Ranged or Melee? Ranged
Taunt Jogging
Base damage 100% 50
Critical 150
Mini-crit 68
Loaded 1
Reload type Recharge
Function Times
Attack interval 0.75 s
Activation time 0.15 s
Recharge time 6 s
All values are approximate.


Meet the Brick