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Koth frigid.webp
Basic Information
Map type King of the Hill (Four-Team)
File name koth_frigid
Release date April 28, 2023 (Fight or Flight)
Developer(s) wheatttttt
Map info
Environment Frigid
Setting Night

Find refuge from the cold in the sheet metal hallways and eight-foot-wide air ducts of Frigid, our first four-way King of the Hill map. If you can fend off three whole teams of maniacs pouring in from all directions, maybe you can use this arctic base for the betterment of mankind. Like digging aliens out of the permafrost. Or melting icebergs, for fun.

Frigid promotional blurb

Frigid is an official Four-Team King of the Hill map characterized by cramped interior flank routes leading to a spacious middle, with a small amount of action in the open outdoors. It is set within an arctic research base, the centerpiece of which is a mysterious glowing pillar.

Frigid was added to Team Fortress 2 Classic on April 28, 2023, in the Fight or Flight update. It was created by TF2 Classic developer wheatttttt and TF2 Classic contributor savva.



Frigid Overview.webp


Each team spawns within a single-room interior base, which leads to a small outdoors area with two short indoor corridors, a staircase leading to a balcony, and some side scaffolding that can be jumped off. All of them lead to the outdoors connector. There is little of value here, although the trio of exits makes it easy for an enemy to sneak in front of the spawn doors, yet difficult for them to keep a team trapped inside.

Outdoors Connector

After spawn is an even smaller outdoor area, with all entrances leading to the interior. The closer entrance leads to the elevated perch and the side hallway. The farther entrance leads to the main hallway and the lower control point. The ramp entrance goes into the vents, which lead into the control point vent exit or the outdoors ceiling.


Right before the point are some hallways, connected through shutter doors. The main hallway is a simple straight path with a slight elevation change, with two wide doorways leading to the point. The side hallway leads to an elevated perch above the control point, and to an alcove that connects the hallways of each team.


The point is centered on an elevated platform with four stairs, above a thick pillar with revolving neon lights being studied by scientists. Players have to stand within the hazard zone, lit up by four lights, to capture it. The point can also be reached through one-way vents, with two teams funnelling into two vents.


Above the interior is a barren ceiling area, reached through separate vents, where the point can be seen through frosted glass. Given the distance from the main action, and how the most convenient path to the point is through a tiny vent managed by two teams, this area is generally empty aside from the occasional Engineer nest.

Update history

  • Added koth_frigid (Wheat, savva)


  • Updated koth_frigid (Wheat):
    • Added a new dropdown route that leads from the rooftop to the side flank
    • Added reflections to various surfaces that didn't have them before
    • Added parallax corrected cubemaps to most of the map
    • Increased detail on several brush-based decorations
    • Vents now drop down into the hallway below instead of leading to mid