Badwater Basin (VIP)

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Badwater Basin (VIP)
Basic Information
Map type VIP
File name vip_badwater

Map info
Environment Desert
Setting Night

Big changes effective immediately at Badwater Basin: day is now night, and the explosives cellar is now a freight elevator. Escort the Civilian along the same path as the payload cart, or take pleasure in the fact that the bulletproof rail bomb has been taken out and replaced with something that can die.

Death & Taxes update page

Badwater Basin (or Badwater) is an official VIP map released in the Death & Taxes update as a variation of Badwater Basin (Payload). It's set in a Badlands-esque environment surrounded by rocks and mountains, with the teams wrestling over the VIP, who BLU has to escort and RED has to assassinate.


Badwater encourages careful rotation between the three points, due to the close proximity and high defensibility of the control points.

One thing to note is how much of an open map Badwater is, meaning there is less cover for the Civilian compared to other maps such as Blackstone Harbor and Mineside, so the VIP should be careful of flanking Scouts and bombers like Demomen and Soldiers.

Update history

  • Added vip_badwater


  • Time has passed within Badwater, and it is now brighter outside


  • Removed Capture Point C, due to its redundancy in actual play
  • Bumped the Round Timer's max limit from 6 minutes to 10 minutes, to compensate for Capture Point C's removal
  • Updated the visual design of each point's platform
  • Added a NoBuild to stop Engineers from building out of bounds


  • Time has passed within Badwater, and it is once again dark outside
  • Added light sources outside to brighten up areas
  • Added more clipping


  • Added a new exit for BLU team's forward spawn next to B point
  • Added a new pathway that connects RED team's lower and upper spawnrooms on last point
  • Severely reduced the amount of fog present on the skybox
  • Added Parallax Correction to cubemaps in some indoor areas
  • Improved lighting across the map, using light_directional


Comparisons (2.0.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.3)