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Basic Information
Icon Leaderboard class demo.png
Type Defensive
Health 175 (260 with overheal)
Speed 93%

Oh, they're goin' ta have to glue you back together... IN HELL!

The Demoman after blowing up an enemy mercenary

The Demoman is a defensive class who specializes in explosive area denial, lethal burst damage, and destruction of enemy encampments. He has 175 health and 93% speed, which makes him slightly tankier and slower than normal. His ability to deal massive damage on direct hits with the Grenade Launcher, combined with the splash damage of its indirect fire, makes him excellent at denying enemies the ability to fortify a position. This is bolstered by the Stickybomb Launcher's ability to lay down traps that can blow up any enemy who steps close to them, as well as acting as a potent offensive option against enemies who don't respect the Demoman's space. Stickybombs are also the greatest existential threat to an Engineer encampment, who will find his buildings immediately destroyed if he does not kill the Demoman. He also has the ability to sticky jump into battle at the cost of a great deal of health, which also provides an escape option if the scenario itself gets sticky. These traits mean that the Demoman has the ability to totally deny an area from enemy assault, as well as denying enemies the ability to fortify their own defenses, making him both an offensive and defensive powerhouse depending on the situation.

The Demoman's biggest downsides are his weakness in close-range combat, his slow reload speed, his reliance on his teammates to destroy enemy buildings, and necessity of predicting enemy movement. While the Demoman deals very good damage, he does not have any sort of hitscan option, which means his only ways to attack an enemy are to land direct grenade hits, or hope they run into his stickybombs. This makes him especially vulnerable to Scouts and Pyros, who will overwhelm him at close range and make it hard to get clean shots on them. This is amplified by his slow reload speed, which gives him a lot of downtime once his grenades and stickies are used up, and catching him off-guard is an easy kill. This is also amplified by his slow walking speed, being the 3rd slowest in the game, meaning running away isn't usually a good option either. Sticky-jumping is an option too, but unless he has the health to survive the blast and fall, he may end up blowing up himself or breaking his own legs. While he is exceptional at destroying enemy buildings, a Sentry Gun will usually be positioned in such a way where his weapons are too far away to reach, or will simply kill the Demoman first. This means he needs his teammates to make space, such as with an ÜberCharge, or an overhealed Heavy tanking the damage. And finally, no matter how good a player is, they cannot hit all their grenades all the time. Sometimes they will simply miss, and when the Demoman misses, he usually dies.

The Demoman's weaknesses are more than made up for with his strengths, and these attributes make him an extremely powerful class that is lethal in the hands of a skilled player. Even an unskilled player is still able to contribute through placing sticky traps in high-traffic areas, getting free kills on unaware enemies. On offense, the Demoman is able to clear through groups of enemies with his splash damage, and is the go-to class in case of an Engineer infestation. On defense, he is able to wall out enemies by creating webs of stickybombs that will explode anyone who crosses, as well as spamming out a single area to prevent enemies from pushing. While he requires a good bit of skill to use effectively, he is an ideal class for people who are interested in fat damage, high-skill shots, and blatantly unfair kills, and is an asset to any team interested in winning the game.


Location of origin: Ullapool, Scotland, United Kingdom

Job: House Cleaning

Motto: "Boom Boom Baby."

Special ability: Stickybomb jump

A fierce temper, a fascination with all things explosive, and a terrible plan to kill the Loch Ness Monster cost the six year old Demoman his original set of adoptive parents. Later, back at the Crypt Grammar School for Orphans near Ullapool in the Scottish Highlands, the boy's bomb-making skills improved dramatically. His disposition and total number of intact eyeballs, however, did not.



Weapon Kill icon
Backpack Grenade Launcher.png
Grenade Launcher
Killicon tf projectile pipe.png
Backpack Gunboats.png


Weapon Kill icon
Backpack Stickybomb Launcher.png
Stickybomb Launcher
Killicon tf projectile pipe remote.png
Backpack Dynamite Pack.png
Dynamite Pack
Killicon mirv projectile.png
Backpack Mine Layer.png
Mine Layer
Killicon proxymine.png


Weapon Kill icon
Backpack Bottle.png
Killicon bottle.png


Main article: Basic Demoman Strategy

As a Demoman…

  • …use your grenade launcher for direct combat. Grenades detonate upon impact with an enemy unless they touch the ground first.
  • …hit MOUSE1 to fire Stickybombs and then use MOUSE2 to detonate them later.
  • …the longer you hold down the fire button with the sticky launcher(sic), the farther the shot will go.
  • …set off Stickybombs beneath your feet to Stickybomb jump up to great heights.
  • …shoot Stickybombs onto walls and ceilings where they're hard to spot.
  • …crouch when preparing for a Stickybomb jump in order to achieve maximum height.
  • …your bottle can be used for close combat without having to worry about aiming or detonation times.
  • …your bottle does the same amount of damage whether it is smashed open or not.
  • …throw your Dynamite Pack onto Control Points in order to clear off enemies.
  • …the Gunboats greatly reduce health loss from Stickybomb jumps. Use them when positioning and mobility are especially important.
  • …the Mine Layer shoots proximity mines that detonate if an enemy is standing close to them. Use it when the grenade launcher is your main weapon of choice.
  • …the Mine Layer's mines can be deactivated all at once by pressing MOUSE2.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Разрушител Destroyer
Spanish Demoman -
English Demoman -
French Demoman -
German Demoman -
Hungarian Robbantós ?
Italian Demolitore Demoman
Polish Demoman -
Brazilian Portuguese Demoman -
Romanian Demoman -
Russian Подрывник Demoman
Turkish Demoman -
Ukrainian Підривник Demoman


  • The Demoman's voice actor, Gary Schwartz, also voices the Heavy class.
  • The beta prototype of the Demoman was supposed to have a stereotypical Scottish appearance, consisting of pale skin and red hair. It was later dropped for a black Scottish character both because the former lacked originality and because the latter was easier to differentiate from the other classes.
  • The emblem on the Demoman's arm was originally a stick of dynamite, which was later changed to a bomb.