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Arena floodgate.webp
Basic Information
Map type Arena (Four-Team)
File name arena_floodgate
Release date April 28, 2023 (Fight or Flight)
Developer(s) savva
Link(s) Gamebanana
Map info
Environment Alpine
Setting Afternoon, Foggy

With an expansive multi-tier mid and serpentine back alleys, Floodgate's home to the kind of involved long-form teamplay that makes Arena worth playing in a sea of Payloads and Dominations. Make like a bottling plant, and contaminate your enemies with fatal amounts of lead.

Floodgate promotional blurb

Floodgate is an official Four-Team Arena map with a symmetrical design, featuring exaggerated verticality, tight corners, cramped interiors, and tons of ambush routes. It is set in a fake bottling plant on an anonymous mountain ridge that conceals a mysterious intelligence apparatus.

Floodgate was added to Team Fortress 2 Classic on April 28, 2023, in the Fight or Flight update. It was created by TF2 Classic contributor savva. It was uploaded to Gamebanana on February 28, 2021.



Floodgate Overview.webp


Each team spawns in a single room with a single exit, leading to an elevated platform with a one-way drop to the ground. The ground has a singular, wide route to center. The platform connects to a building that connects to an opposing team's equivalent building. Both buildings lead to the center through a short staircase.


All the teams meet in a wide center arena surrounding a tiny, enclosed point inside a tower. The tower has pipes around it allowing for a height advantage. There are supply shacks in front of the point with medium ammo packs, and a side route behind them with shallow water and a medium ammo pack.

Update history

  • Added arena_floodgate (savva)


  • Minor artpass improvements
  • Fixed certain lighting issues
  • Slight clipping adjustments