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Basic Information
Map type Arena (Four-Team)
File name arena_floodgate

Map info
Environment Alpine
Setting Afternoon, Foggy

With an expansive multi-tier mid and serpentine back alleys, Floodgate's home to the kind of involved long-form teamplay that makes Arena worth playing in a sea of Payloads and Dominations. Make like a bottling plant, and contaminate your enemies with fatal amounts of lead.

Fight or Flight update page

Floodgate is an official Four-Team Arena map added in the Fight or Flight update. The map takes place in some form of water treatment facility, with the control point residing inside a large water tower, which is really a facade for a control room of some kind.


Floodgate is larger compared to other Four-Team Arena maps, both official and unofficial, and contains a large sight-line from the catwalk near your spawn to the center-back wall of middle. Consider running classes like Sniper or even Soldier to take advantage of this fact, while at the same time being cautious when entering mid.

You can easily access your neighbor's base by heading through the boiler room connecting the two. Be wary of Scouts or Spies rushing through this route at round start to get an easy kill or two.

Finally, the control point is situated within a small room with only two entrances. When it opens, it may be advantageous to camp in there, allowing you to clinch a win. Keep in mind, however, that explosive classes can easily spam you out.