Mine Layer

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Mine Layer
Backpack Mine Layer.png
Kill Icons
Killicon proxymine.png
Basic Information
Used by Demoman
Slot Secondary
Ammo loaded 6
Ammo carried 24
Loadout Stats

The Mine Layer

Proximity Mine Launcher

Proximity mines explode near enemies

Max charge time decreased by 50%

Stickies fizzle on a detonation attempt

-2 max pipebombs out

-25% clip size

"Aye, keep an eye out! Heh..."

The Mine Layer is an alternative secondary weapon for the Demoman. It appears similar to the Stickybomb Launcher, except with a cylindrical magazine, a circular ejection port, and a large metal chassis with yellow warning paint on its side. The paint appears yellow regardless of which team the user is on.

Instead of the Stickybomb Launcher's manually detonated stickybombs, the Mine Layer fires proximity mines that take 0.7 seconds to become armed, and will explode after an additional 0.4 seconds when an enemy player, or its own wielder, exists within their detonation radius. This includes shooting mines at an enemy, whether or not the mines are in mid-air. Disguised enemy Spies do not detonate the mines. If shot underwater, the mines will have significantly reduced velocity, but will explode as normal. The mines have the same damage and splash radius as regular stickybombs. The Mine Layer can also hold down its primary fire to charge, increasing the speed (and therefore distance) that mines can be shot at. This occurs 50% faster than the Stickybomb Launcher, reaching maximum charge in 2 seconds instead of 4. As a penalty, the weapon only holds 6 mines in its clip, and can only have 6 mines out at a time.

The weapon's alternate fire does not detonate the mines, instead causing them to fizzle out without an explosion. If the user shoots a seventh mine when six are out, the oldest one placed will fizzle. If the user dies, all mines placed will fizzle. Unlike the Stickybomb Launcher's stickybombs, the user can see their own mines through solid walls. The mines have a flashing light and make a quiet beeping sound, warning enemies of their presence, and make a louder beeping sound when they are about to explode. An enemy can avoid a mine explosion by walking into its detonation radius, then walking away before it explodes. The explosion radius is 20% larger than the detonation radius. Mines shot at enemies will not stick to them, instead bouncing off and landing on the ground.

Because the mines are triggered when the user walks into their radius, they can be used to explosive jump like regular stickybombs.


Shot type Projectile
Damage type Explosive
Ranged or Melee? Ranged
Taunt Rump shake
Maximum ramp-up 120% 144
Base damage 100% 120
Maximum fall-off 52.8% 64
Critical 360
Mini-crit 144
Mini-crit (ramp-up) 190
Bullet count 1
Minimum splash 50% 146 HU
Damage reduction 1% / 2.92 HU
Self-damage 45-90
Loaded 6
Carried 24
Reload type Single
Function Times
Attack interval 0.6 s
Reload 1.133 s
First reload 1.09 s
Further reloads 0.67 s
Activation time 0.7 s
1.3 s
Charge fill speed 50% / s
Charge fill time 2 s
All values are approximate.


Achievement Description
Tf2c achievement mines unseen damage.png Turn a Blind Eye Deal a total of 5000 damage with Mines you couldn't see.
Tf2c achievement mines streak single life.png Prime of Your Life Damage enemies with 16 Mines that are at least 5 seconds old in a single life.
Tf2c achievement mines trigger without hurt.png Like A Little Bunny Trigger 8 enemy Mines that are at least 5 seconds old by walking near them without getting hurt.
Tf2c achievement sandvich mines.png Disarmament As a Heavy, safely trigger an enemy Mine that is at least 5 seconds old without walking near it.
Tf2c achievement surf enemy mine.png Bourbon Flight Blast jump a long distance off an enemy Demoman's Mine.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Гранатомет с безконтактни мини Non-contact Mine Grenade Launcher
Spanish Lanzaminas Mine Launcher
English Mine Layer -
French Lanceur de mines Mine Launcher
German Minenleger Mine Layer
Italian Mortaio a mine Mine Launcher
Brazilian Portuguese Lançador de Minas Mine Launcher
Romanian Lansator de mine Mine Launcher
Russian Миномёт Mortar
Ukrainian Міномет Mine Thrower

Update history



  • Mines of losing team no longer detonate


  • Increased clip size & max stickies to 4 (from 3)
  • Max charge time decreased by 50%


  • Mines now beep for spectators


  • The player's mines are now highlighted through walls
  • Mines will now fizzle out instead of exploding when placing more than four mines


  • Updated the Mine Layer:
    • Increased clip size and max active mines to 6 (from 4)
    • Reduced player detection radius of proximity mines by 20% of their explosion radius
    • Reduced detonation delay of proximity mines to 0.4s vs enemy players (from 0.5s)
    • Now uses the Rump Shake taunt
  • Fixed Stickybombs and proximity mines becoming invincible against bullets if they get moved without becoming airborne


  • Updated the Mine Layer:
    • Reload animation is now slightly lowered to improve visibility (Raptor Dan)


  • The Mine Layer's model was originally submitted to Team Fortress 2's Steam Workshop in 2011.
  • The beeping of deployed mines have a different pitch for each team, following the easily replicable formula Pitch = 86 + GetTeamNumber() * 4, where RED = 2, BLU = 3, GRN = 4, and YLW = 5. They have the lowest pitch on RED and the highest on YLW.
  • The Sandvich is able to detonate enemy mines.