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This is a list of all achievements available in Team Fortress 2 Classic. There are currently 69 achievements, available in five "packs", sorted by release.

Achievements are in-game challenges that reward players for doing specific actions during gameplay. Many achievements encourage players to learn TF2 Classic techniques (e.g. airblasts), using specific weapons (e.g. the Harvester) or trying new game modes (e.g. VIP). Players are able to view achievements and achievement progress in-game from the main menu. From there, they are able to hide achievements they have already achieved, reset all achievements, or place a checkmark on achievements they have not yet achieved. Achievements are not saved to the player's Steam profile, and are locally saved within TF2 Classic.

Achievements cannot be earned while sv_cheats 1 is enabled on the server the player is on.

Team Fortress 2 Classic Pack

Achievement Description
Tf2c kill with distantrpg.png A Calculated Accident Kill an enemy player from a great distance with an arcing rocket.
Tf2c kill buildings with mirv.png KA-BLOOIE! Take out 5 Engineer buildings with the Dynamite Pack.
Tf2c defuse mirv.png Fuse Refusal Defuse an enemy Demoman's Dynamite Pack with the Wrench.
Tf2c play game classicmaps 1.png An Experienced World Traveler Play a complete game on these classic maps.
Tf2c dominate developer.png Destructive Criticism Dominate a player with a contributor medal.
Tf2c kill with blindcoilricochet.png Texan Predictability Kill an enemy you can't see with a ricocheted Coilgun shot.
Tf2c achievement tranq melee kill.png Deep Sleep As a Spy, kill 10 tranquilized players with your melee weapon.
Tf2c achievement extinguish bomblets.png Birthday Blowout Extinguish 20 Dynamite Pack sticks by airblasting them.

Gamemodes and Maps Pack

Achievement Description
Tf2c win civilian nodeaths.png The Entrepreneur Win a round of VIP as the Civilian without dying once.
Tf2c heal civilian.png Loyal Servant Accumulate 5000 points from healing the Civilian.
Tf2c dominate civilian.png Restraining Order Violation Dominate the Civilian within a round of VIP.
Tf2c play game vipmaps 1.png On The Run! Play a complete game on these VIP maps.
Tf2c kill civilian disguiseboost.png Fraudulent Transaction As a Spy, kill the Civilian using the boost given by him.
Tf2c hold allpoints domination.png Total Domination Have your team own every control point during a round of Domination.
Tf2c play game dommaps 1.png Oil and Water Play a complete game on these Domination maps.
Tf2c achievement vip protect unseen.png Undercover Boss As the Civilian, help your teammates resist 2000 damage from enemies while you're behind cover.
Tf2c achievement killstreak while vip boosted.png Employee of the Month Kill 3 enemies while under the effect of your VIP's buff.
Tf2c achievement vip teammate killstreak damage boost.png World's Best Boss Have a teammate buffed by your Umbrella kill 3 enemies.
Tf2c achievement vip kill crit killstreak.png Hostile Takeover Kill 2 enemies with the crit boost provided by killing the enemy team's VIP.
Tf2c achievement kill vip damagers.png Look Out for the Little Guy Kill 20 enemies that recently damaged your VIP while he is still alive.
Tf2c achievement protect vip as medic.png Urgent Care As a Medic, kill an enemy who is attacking your VIP.
Tf2c achievement 4team backstab.png Triple Agent Backstab players from all three enemy teams in a single Four-Team round.
Tf2c achievement archaeology.png Archaeology Discover the buried treasure in Jinn.

Stock Pack

Achievement Description
Tf2c achievement revolver kills single life.png Je Suis James Get 3 kills with the Revolver in a single life.
Tf2c achievement sticky primed kills.png Aged Like Wine Get 30 kills using Stickybombs you placed more than 5 seconds ago.
Tf2c achievement fists melee duel.png If He Dies... Win a melee duel using your Fists outside of Medieval mode.
Tf2c achievement fire axe death afterburn.png A Burning Memory As a Pyro, deal 1000 afterburn damage while you're dead.
Tf2c achievement invis recharge cloaked.png Full Transparency Fully recharge your Invisibility Watch at an enemy Dispenser while cloaked.
Tf2c achievement teleporter progression.png Tele Tourism Teleport other players over 10 kilometers.
Tf2c achievement teleporter enemy spy kill.png Phony Express Kill an Engineer shortly after taking an enemy Teleporter.
Tf2c achievement pyro shotgun coreshot streak.png Shotgun Messenger As a Pyro, land 3 Shotgun meat-shots in 5 seconds, 6 times.
Tf2c achievement flare crit teamwork.png Molten Steal Land a Flare Gun crit on an enemy that somebody else set on fire.
Tf2c achievement minigun duel.png Mine's Bigger Than Yours Kill 10 revved-up enemy Heavies with your Minigun.

Death and Taxes Pack

Achievement Description
Tf2c achievement tranq kill.png I'm Just Needling You Get a long-distance kill with the Tranquilizer Gun.
Tf2c achievement tranq support progression.png Enter Sandman Earn 2000 support points with the Tranquilizer Gun.
Tf2c achievement tranq melee kill as teammate.png Rude Awakening Using your melee weapon, help a friendly Spy finish off a tranquilized enemy.
Tf2c achievement tranq hit blastjump.png Air Sickness Knock an airborne enemy out of the sky with your Tranquilizer Gun.
Tf2c achievement tranq counter kill.png Sleepwalker Kill 5 enemy Spies who tranquilized you.
Tf2c achievement mines unseen damage.png Turn a Blind Eye Deal a total of 5000 damage with Mines you couldn't see.
Tf2c achievement mines streak single life.png Prime of Your Life Damage enemies with 16 Mines that are at least 5 seconds old in a single life.
Tf2c achievement mines trigger without hurt.png Like A Little Bunny Trigger 8 enemy Mines that are at least 5 seconds old by walking near them without getting hurt.
Tf2c achievement sandvich mines.png Disarmament As a Heavy, safely trigger an enemy Mine that is at least 5 seconds old without walking near it.
Tf2c achievement surf enemy mine.png Bourbon Flight Blast jump a long distance off an enemy Demoman's Mine.
Tf2c achievement taunt kill mirv.png 1, 1, 1, Uhh... Kill an enemy with an explosives configuration gone wrong.

Fight or Flight Pack

Achievement Description
Tf2c achievement air combat.png Fight or Flight Kill an enemy while both of you are airborne.
Tf2c achievement headshot kill midflight.png Dead Air Kill an enemy with a headshot while they are airborne.
Tf2c achievement harvester collect decap.png Summary Execution Decapitate all 9 classes with the Harvester.
Tf2c achievement harvester decap single life.png Head Rush Decapitate 3 enemies with the Harvester in a single life.
Tf2c achievement harvester counter low health.png Don't Fear the Reaper Save 5 teammates from burning to death by killing enemy Pyros wielding the Harvester.
Tf2c achievement harvester counter spy.png No, Time to Die As a Spy, extinguish yourself by killing a Pyro wielding the Harvester.
Tf2c achievement chekhov crit kill.png Setup and Payoff Get a crit kill with Chekhov's Punch at maximum crit storage.
Tf2c achievement heavy shotgun crits.png Chekhov's What? As a Heavy, get 20 critical kills with the Shotgun.
Tf2c achievement chekhov shock.png It's Dead! Give an enemy Heavy who has the Chekhov's Punch equipped a heart attack!
Tf2c achievement jumppad stomp.png Terminal Velocity Kill someone by landing on them after using a Jump Pad.
Tf2c achievement jumppad enemy spy backstab.png Skyfall Get a backstab kill shortly after using an enemy Jump Pad.
Tf2c achievement jumppad extinguish.png Fan the Flames Extinguish yourself with a Jump Pad.
Tf2c achievement jumppad progression.png Fan Service Have other players use your Jump Pads 1,000 times.
Tf2c achievement jumppad progression assist.png Jumpstarter Have teammates get 20 kills shortly after using your Jump Pads.
Tf2c achievement jumppad progression destroyed.png Out of Circulation Destroy 40 Jump Pads.
Tf2c achievement speedwatch speed kill.png Back in a Flash Using L'escampette, backstab an enemy within 15 seconds of spawning.
Tf2c achievement speedwatch recovery.png Speedy Recovery Using L'escampette, recover your lost cloak without decloaking after taking damage from an enemy.
Tf2c achievement speedwatch counter.png Hunt Down the Frenchman Expose an invisible L'escampette Spy by damaging him.
Tf2c achievement aa vs airborne.png Duck Season Kill 9 airborne enemies with the A.A. Cannon's mini-crits.
Tf2c achievement aa gun splash.png Collective Punishment Using the A.A. Cannon, deal 2000 splash damage to enemies by landing direct hits on their teammates.
Tf2c achievement aa gun challenge.png Policy of Containment Using the A.A. Cannon, deal 2000 damage in a single life without hitting yourself.
Tf2c achievement aa gun blast suicide.png Red Scare Make an enemy Heavy blow himself up with his A.A. Cannon.
Tf2c achievement ssg scout hit pellets.png Rabbit Season Hit a Scout with every pellet from a Twin Barrel shot.
Tf2c achievement ssg meatshots.png Rip and Tear! Get 10 meat-shot kills with the Twin Barrel.
Tf2c achievement ssg pounce.png Bringing the Heat Kill 5 enemies after closing the distance with a Twin Barrel jump.

Update History

The Death & Taxes Update
  • Added 15 achievements.

The Fight or Flight Update

  • Added 54 achievements.
  • [Undocumented] Changed the achievement progress bar
  • [Undocumented] Added the option to sort achievements alphabetically
  • [Undocumented] Added categories for achievements
  • [Undocumented] Updated "A fate worse than death".
    • Renamed to "Deep Sleep".
    • Changed goal to 10 melee kills against tranquillized enemies as a Spy.
  • [Undocumented] Updated "Bounced Betty".
    • Renamed to "Birthday Blowout".
    • Changed goal to extinguishing 20 Dynamite Pack sticks.
  • [Undocumented] Updated "Beat your Maker".
    • The achievement is now hidden from menu, unless it's unlocked
    • Renamed to "Contructive Criticism".
    • Change goal to dominating an enemy player with a contributor medal.