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Basic Information
Icon Leaderboard class sniper.png
Type Support
Health 125 (185 with overheal)
Speed 100%

The Sniper is a support class. With his low health, the Sniper takes cover behind the front lines and picks off enemies from afar using his sniper rifle.






As a Sniper...

  • …the longer you spend zoomed in the scope, the more damage the shot will do.
  • …a fully charged sniper rifle head shot can kill most classes instantly.
  • …aim for the head to do critical damage.
  • …zoom with the sniper rifle by hitting MOUSE2.
  • …use your secondary submachine gun to deal with nearby enemies.
  • …your shot will usually miss if the Huntsman is pulled back longer than five seconds. Reset it by hitting MOUSE2.
  • …the Fishwhacker will cause bleeding damage to the enemy being hit. Use it to fight cloaked spies!
  • …movement speed while scoped in with the Hunting Revolver is higher than with the sniper rifle. Move around while aiming to be a harder target to hit.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Снайпер Sniper
English Sniper -
French Sniper -
German Sniper -
Italian Cecchino Sniper
Portuguese-Brazil Sniper -
Romanian Sniper -
Russian Снайпер Sniper
Spanish-Spain Sniper -