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Basic Information
Icon Leaderboard class medic.png
Type Support
Health 150 (225 with overheal)
Speed 107%

Ze healing is not as revarding as ze hurting.

The Medic on his profession

The Medic is a support class, whose purpose is to provide continuous health and intermittent invulnerability to his team. He has 150 health and 107% speed, and heals himself by 6 health per second, reduced to 3 health per second when damaged within 10 seconds, and with double regeneration when healing an injured teammate. His Medi Gun provides a continual beam of health to his patient, giving them significantly more effective health and an unfair advantage against enemies without a Medic. This also allows overhealing them to 150% of their max health, which tapers off over time. By constantly keeping his team healthy, he can fortify positions and reduce the effectiveness of enemy attacks, making chip damage a non-factor and allowing his patients to run into enemy positions. In addition, when the Medi Gun is fully charged, he can ÜberCharge his patient, turning them invulnerable for 9 seconds and allowing free reign over the enemy. These abilities make him the most useful class in the game to a team of any competence, sustaining an overwhelming assault complemented by overwhelming effects.

The Medic's downsides are his terrible combat weapons, high kill priority, reliance on teammates to be of any effectiveness at all, and punishing deaths. The Medic's only ranged weapon is the Syringe Gun, which is a contender for the worst in the game, and is not able to deal meaningful damage to any enemy in a fair fight. This is especially bad for Medic considering that he is the most important target for any enemy to kill, which means he will be constantly targeted by suicidal enemies, especially Scouts and Spies, just for an attempt to get a kill on him. As a result, he is heavily reliant on his teammates to defend him, and choosing a bad patient will lead to both their deaths. This also means that a bad team composition, such as one without power classes such as a Heavy or Demoman, is unable to make meaningful progress despite the presence of a Medic. And finally, since his ÜberCharge meter disappears on death and takes a significant time to charge, dying is a significant handicap to the Medic's team. When fully charged, he will often have to use it prematurely to avoid dying, as stated by the mantra "pop it, don't drop it".

The Medic's significant downsides represent a class that excels within a skilled team, and is terrible when on a bad team. While borderline useless in combat, his healing abilities make him an exceptionally strong class, and a team with a Medic has a significant advantage compared to a team without. On offense, he can overheal patients to storm over an objective, using the increase in health to kill enemies that try to contest them, and then ÜberCharge them at the perfect moment to destroy enemy defenses. On defense, his ability to keep his entire team healthy will wall out enemy attempts to thin the ranks, and the alternative Kritzkrieg ÜberCharge can deal critical damage to wipe out anyone who tries to push through. These qualities make Medic a highly team-focused class that excels when hiding out of sight of enemies, rewarding careful positioning with overpowering abilities, and encouraging players to make smart decisions about how to maximize their healing potential. While this makes his skill potential lesser than other classes, he is a good class for those who are just starting out with the game, and experienced players can abuse his qualities to become the best Medic a team can get.


Location of origin: Stuttgart, Germany
Job: Doctor Assisted Homicide
Motto: "Prepare for your examination"
What he lacks in compassion for the sick, respect for human dignity, and any sort of verifiable formal training in medicine, the Medic more than makes up for with a bottomless supply of giant needles and a trembling enthusiasm for plunging them into exposed flesh. Raised in Stuttgart, Germany during an era when the Hippocratic oath had been downgraded to an optional Hippocratic suggestion, the Medic considers healing a generally unintended side effect of satisfying his own morbid curiosity.



Weapon Kill icon
Backpack Syringe Gun.png
Syringe Gun
Killicon syringegun medic.png


Backpack Medi Gun.png
Medi Gun
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Weapon Kill icon
Backpack Bonesaw.png
Killicon bonesaw.png
Backpack Überspritze.png
Killicon ubersaw.png
Backpack Shock Therapy.png
Shock Therapy
Killicon taser.png


Main article: Basic Medic Strategy

As a Medic…

  • …you fill your ÜberCharge faster by healing teammates who are more hurt.
  • …your ÜberCharge will build much faster during setup time.
  • …fill your ÜberCharge meter by healing teammates, then hit MOUSE2 to ÜberCharge.
  • …keep alert for teammates calling for your help. Use the cross speech bubbles onscreen to find them.
  • …remember that syringes travel in arcs and have a travel time. Lead your targets and aim higher in order to land successful hits.
  • …your Medi Gun's ÜberCharge makes both you and your target invulnerable for a short time.
  • …use your Medi Gun to heal teammates, and buff them up to 150%%(sic) of their normal health.
  • …you cannot capture a Control Point or pick up the Intelligence briefcase while invulnerable.
  • …your bonesaw can be used in defensive situations when you are separated from your target.
  • …your Kritzkrieg gives your target guaranteed crits. Use it in areas where there are a lot of enemies.
  • …when using the Überspritze, be sure to watch your health. You have 10 less maximum health when equipped with it.
  • …the Shock Therapy will deal more damage the more it's charged. Its charge will be fully depleted on any hit you land on enemies.
  • …the Shock Therapy can be used to fully heal a teammate at full charge, but lowers your main heal rate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Медик Medic
Spanish Medic -
English Medic -
French Medic -
German Medic -
Hungarian Szanitéc Medic?
Italian Medico Medic
Polish Medyk Medic
Brazilian Portuguese Medic -
Romanian Medic -
Russian Медик Medic
Turkish Medic -
Ukrainian Медик Medic

Update history

  • Ported Medic heal target marker from live TF2.
  • Ported Medic auto callers.



  • In Team Fortress 2 Classic, Medic gains another line for his "Go Go Go!" voice command where he says "Los los!", this voice line was lifted from Prerelease versions of Team Fortress 2.