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The music for Team Fortress 2 Classic includes songs from the official Team Fortress 2 soundtrack, composed by Mike Morasky and performed by Valve Music Orchestra, as well as songs created specifically for TF2 Classic by Former Team Member 2P, Current Team Member Duncan "Magnus" Welch and Former Team Member MrModez.


"Opening Video Theme"

MrModez composed the music for TF2 Classic's opening video. The song is a remix of the music heard when launching a Valve game. It was actually an abridged version, and the complete version can be heard here:

Main menu

The songs excluding the "Opening Video Theme" can be heard from the Team Fortress 2 Classic main menu.

According to in-game files as of 2.1.4, the songs are in MP3 files and are named gamestartup<track number>.mp3, with <track number> being determined by the song's track number.

Team Fortress 2 Classic main menu tracklist
Title Composer(s) Length
1. "Team Fortress 2" Mike Morasky 1:11
2. "Playing With Danger" 4:01
3. "Rocket Jump Waltz" 0:38
4. "The Art of War" 2:16
5. "Faster Than a Speeding Bullet" 1:24
6. "Petite Chou-Fleur" 1:42
7. "Right Behind You" 1:40
8. "Intruder Alert" 1:51
9. "Drunken Pipe Bomb" 1:29
10. "More Gun" 3:11
11. "A Little Heart to Heart" 1:34
12. "MEDIC!" 2:33
13. "Archimedes" 4:04
14. "Dreams of Cruelty" 1:05
15. "Dapper Cadaver" 1:58
16. "It Hates Me So Much" 2:11
17. "Three Days to Live" 1:57
18. "Rise of the Living Bread" 2:37
19. "Seduce Me!" 1:20
20. "Stink Lines" 1:35
21. "Red Bread" 2:12
22. TBA[note 1] TBA TBA
23. "RED Triumphs!" Mike Morasky 1:36
24. "BLU Triumphs!" 1:36
25. "Team Fortress 2 Classic Main Theme" MrModez 0:58
26. "Team Fortress 2 Classic Medley" 2:31
27. "They've Got The Intelligence" 2:36
28. "The Fortress Takeover" 2:05
29. "Sniper's Saturday Morning Drive" 1:06
30. "Sandwich Maker" Mike Morasky 0:43
31. "A Call to Arms" Magnus & MrModez 1:38
32. "Yeti Park" Mike Morasky 3:00
33. "Saxton's Dilemma" 1:11
34. "Mercenary Park" 1:44
35. "Fifth of a Dime" Magnus 1:23
36. "Business Casual" 1:56
Total length: 1:06:50
  1. gamestartup22.mp3 was missing from in-game files.

Class selection menu

When you open the class selection menu, a looping piece of music plays. Enabling the "class selection menu music" option or setting the tf2c_classmenu_music cvar to 1 will play the default music. Selecting "gamemode specific" in the "class selection menu music" option or setting the tf2c_classmenu_music cvar to 2 will play music based on the gamemode being played. All music are exclusive to TF2 Classic with the exception of the default music (which was originated from live TF2).

Class selection menu music
Audio Description

Default music. Only plays in Payload, Payload Race and custom gamemodes if music is set to "gamemode specific". Contains the percussion from "Playing With Danger".

cp_class_menu_bg.wav Attack / Defense, Control Points, Domination and Territorial Domination music by 2P. Contains an interpolation from "Red Bread".
ctf_class_menu_bg.wav Capture the Flag gamemode music by 2P. Contains the bassline from "Playing With Danger".
ml_class_menu_bg.wav Medieval Mode music. Plays the percussions from "Drunken Pipe Bomb".
vip_class_menu_bg.wav VIP and VIP Race music. Plays the bass line from "Business Casual".
vs_class_menu_bg.wav Arena mode music. Audio plays a sample from "Playing With Danger".