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2.1.1 was a minor update for Team Fortress 2 Classic, released on May 28, 2023. It featured a few weapon rebalances, some map updates, and general changes. The patch notes were released on the official blog.

This update came out after 2.1.0 and before 2.1.2.


Weapon changes

Updated the Brick:

  • Reduced delay between clicking and throwing by 40%
  • Projectile model now spawns immediately after being thrown

Updated the Anti-Aircraft Cannon:

  • Reduced blast radius from 110HU to 90HU wide
  • Reduced damage from 60 to 55
  • Overhauled sounds (Omniary)

Updated Chekhov's Punch:

  • Overhauled sounds (Stachekip)

Updated the Überspritze:

  • Removed -20% fire rate penalty

Map changes

Updated arena_floodgate (savva):

  • Minor artpass improvements
  • Fixed certain lighting issues
  • Slight clipping adjustments

Updated ctf_2fort (Sniffy194):

  • Added missing cubemaps
  • Reduced scale of ambient occlusion
  • Blockbulleted many surfaces for more consistent splash from explosions
  • Fixed crate that could hide stickybombs
  • Improved lighting fidelity in a few areas

Updated pl_upward (Sniffy194):

  • Disabled collision on some scaffolding that's above the intended playspace, and could be used as a vantage point

General changes

Fixed a bug where servers would stop sending killfeed and damage related events to clients (Sappho)

Crit boosted Mediguns now require tf2c_medigun_critboostable 2 to gain a heal rate bonus (set to 1 by default, only for minicrits)

Fixed add_onhit_addcond_self_weapon and mod_never_draw_tracer_effect attributes

Fixed explosive_bullets attribute not respecting mult_explosion_radius value

Added add_custom_viewpunch_onhit attribute

The item schema is now automatically reloaded upon disconnecting from a server

Fixed global disguise class portraits on the HUD displaying blue team’s ones instead when cloaked

Fixed missing particle when landing from a jump pad as a global disguise spy

Fixed custom global sound scripts not being read by the client when downloaded from a server

Fixed a crash regarding flipped viewmodels

Updated medals