Invis Watch

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Invis Watch
Backpack Invis Watch.png
Basic Information
Used by Spy
Slot Watch
Loadout Stats

Invis Watch

Invis Watch

Alt-Fire: Turn invisible

Cannot attack while invisible, and bumping into enemies or taking damage will make you slightly visible

"Stylish. A shame they'll never see it."

This will be the last time you see me.

The Spy after achieving revenge and disappearing

The Invis Watch, short for "Invisibility Watch", is the default watch for the Spy. It is a futuristic digital wristwatch with a silver band and 7 buttons on its face, showing a glowing series of blue line segments that represents its remaining charge. The line segments appear blue regardless of which team the user is on.

The Invis Watch can be used at any time by pressing the alternative fire key, causing the Spy's body opacity to fade into a cloaked state, which makes him fully invisible to the enemy team after 1 second. While cloaked by any amount, he cannot use, reload, or fire any weapon (except for the Disguise Kit), but will have 20% damage resistance and reduced debuff duration. The damage resistance does not apply against taunt attacks. When decloaking, the Spy becomes visible again, and there is a 1.8 second delay before he can use his weapons. The Invis Watch operates on a charge meter, which lasts for 10 seconds while cloaked, including partially cloaked. When it runs out of charge, it cannot be used until it has regained at least 5% charge, and will passively recharge 3.33% per second for a total of 30 seconds. It will gain charge from sources of ammo such as Dispensers or ammo boxes, including while invisible, gaining 20%, 50%, or 100% cloak from small, medium, or large ammo packs. This will reveal the Spy's presence if the enemy notices a dropped weapon or ammo pack disappearing into thin air.

If the Spy takes damage, such as fall damage, bullet damage, explosion damage, afterburn damage, bleed damage, or is simply walked into by an enemy, his cloak will flash for about 0.35 seconds, or will remain visible indefinitely if he is constantly taking damage or making contact with an enemy. Afterburn, bleed, tranquilizer particles, emerging-from-water droplets, and disguise kit smoke effects (which follow him while partially cloaked) will create conspicuous particles on the Spy's body that instantly reveal him. His voice lines, water splashes, and footstep sounds will also reveal his position without affecting him visually. In addition, the very sound of him cloaking and uncloaking is enough of a tell for experienced enemies to know he is in the area, especially while right behind his backstab target. His corpse will decloak once he is killed.


Function Times
Consumption time 10 s
Cloak fade 1.0 s
Uncloak fade 1.8 s
Charge fill speed 3.33% / s
Charge fill time 30 s
All values are approximate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Часовник за невидимост Invisibility Clock
Spanish Reloj de Invisibilidad Invisibility Clock
English Invis Watch -
French Montre d'invisibilité Invisibility Watch
German Unsichtbarkeitsuhr Invisibility Clock
Italian Orologio dell'invisibilità Invisibility Clock
Brazilian Portuguese Relógio de Invisibilidade Invisibility Watch
Romanian Ceas de invizibilitate Invisibility Watch
Russian Часы невидимости Invisibility Clock
Ukrainian Годинник невидимості Invisibility Clock

Update history

  • Fixed player being able to reload Tranquilizer Gun while cloaked.
  • Fixed an attack delay bug after cloaking.
  • Fixed an issue where the cloak/uncloak sounds would play too loudly to the cloaking player.
  • Fixed cloaking Spies being able to pick up CTF flags
  • Added an uncloaking effect to dying cloaked Spies.
  • Being touched as a Spy now also affects the viewmodel.


  • Healing indicators will no longer appear over invisible enemy players


  • The Spy now has a +20% damage resistance and reduced debuff duration while cloaked


  • Spies now gain double the amount of cloak from building gibs
  • Cloaked Spies now correctly take 20% less damage even from crits


  • The Spy's wristwatch arm will still appear even when the "invisible arms" setting, tf2c_invisible_arms = 1, is enabled.
  • Reloading while cloaking will make the Spy appear to have three arms - one holding the gun, the second using the Invis Watch, and the third reloading the chamber.