Invis Watch

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Invis Watch
Backpack Invis Watch.png
Basic Information
Used by Spy
Slot Watch
Loadout Stats

Invis Watch

Invis Watch

Alt-Fire: Turn invisible

Cannot attack while invisible, and bumping into enemies or taking damage will make you slightly visible

"Stylish. A shame they'll never see it."

The Invisibility Watch, or Invis Watch for short, is the stock watch for the Spy.

With any weapon out, the Spy can press MOUSE2 to use the watch, cloaking him and making him invisible to the enemy team. By pressing MOUSE2 again, or by running out of Cloak, the Spy will become visible again. The Invis Watch is a necessary tool in the Spy's arsenal, since it allows him to make it behind enemy lines without being seen. Combined with skillful use of the Disguise Kit, the Spy should be able to easily position himself to allow him to kill key enemy targets.

The Invis Watch runs off of Cloak. While invisible, the Cloak meter in the bottom right corner of your HUD will decrease. Once the meter is empty, the Spy will become visible again. Cloak will regenerate over time, and can also be replenished by picking up Ammo, dropped weapons, or by going near a Dispenser, Payload, or Resupply Cabinet. Cloak can be made ineffective in a variety of ways. Bumping into enemies or taking damage from any source, such as fire or bleed, will make the Spy flicker. If the Spy becomes wet by going underwater, his position will be revealed via the dripping water particles that spawn off of him. Similarly, if the Spy is shot with the Tranquilizer Gun, the Tranquilizer effect particles will also reveal his position.


Function Times
Consumption time 10 s
Cloak fade 1.0 s
Uncloak fade 1.8 s
Charge fill speed 3.33% / s
Charge fill time 30 s
All values are approximate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Часовник за невидимост Invisibility Clock
Spanish Reloj de Invisibilidad Invisibility Clock
English Invis Watch -
French Montre d'invisibilité Invisibility Watch
German Unsichtbarkeitsuhr Invisibility Clock
Italian Orologio dell'invisibilità Invisibility Clock
Brazilian Portuguese Relógio de Invisibilidade Invisibility Watch
Romanian Ceas de invizibilitate Invisibility Watch
Russian Часы невидимости Invisibility Clock