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Backpack Überspritze.png
Kill Icons
Killicon ubersaw.png
Killicon taunt medic.png
Basic Information
Used by Medic
Slot Melee
Loadout Stats

The Überspritze


On Hit: 25% ÜberCharge added

-20% slower firing speed

-10 max health on wearer

This doctor has a backup plan!

The Überspritze is an alternative melee weapon for the Medic. It is an oversized, metal syringe containing a team colored liquid displayed through measuring glass, it has two finger rings around the bottom for a users fingers to fill in order for steady handling and has blood stains around the tip.

The Überspritze is a vintage yet unique melee weapon that allows the Medic to use his last ditch attempt at survival as a way benefit both himself and the team if he escapes. When attacking an enemy with the Überspritze, it has the familiar function of letting the user extract 25% Über from their opponent while doing the same 65 points of damage the stock Bonesaw grants. However this benefit does not come without the cost of blood, as a result the Überspritze has a 20% slower swing speed and removes 10 points of maximum health from the user bringing the Medic's base health down to 140 (215 when overhealed).

While it's disadvantages may seem small in comparison to what's gained, they can greatly impede the user's life in many situations. As the description implies, the Überspritze is not a tool for major combat scenarios but rather a backup weapon, rewarding a user for not only landing their slower strikes but also surviving their enemy encounter with 10 less health at their disposal.

Update history

  • Added the Ubersaw


  • Renamed the Ubersaw to the Uberspritze.
  • Equipping the Uberspritze will now remove 25 health.
  • Can now Taunt Kill.
  • Updated the Taunt Kill voicelines to fit the model.
  • Updated Viewmodel animations to reduce clipping from the plunger.


  • Health Penalty has been lessened from -25 to -10 health


  • [Undocumented] Renamed to Überspritze.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Убер-Спринцовка Über-Syringe
Spanish Überspritze -
English Uberspritze -
French Überspritze -
German Uberspritze -
Hungarian Túloltó ?
Italian Überspritze -
Polish Überspritze -
Brazilian Portuguese Uberspritze -
Romanian Uberspritze -
Russian Убер-шприц Über-Syringe
Turkish Überspritze -


  • The Überspritze is a rebalanced version of the Ubersaw with added downsides and a new appearance. In the Death & Taxes update page, it was featured and revealed alongside the other returning weapons from Team Fortress 2. In fact, in earlier versions of Team Fortress 2 Classic, it was directly called the Ubersaw.
  • "Überspritze" roughly means "Super Syringe" in German.
  • The model was originally submitted to the Team Fortress 2 Workshop as the Hypodermic Injector.
  • The model was inspired by the scrapped and unused Syringe weapon from Team Fortress 2's development.
  • The model that inspired the Überspritze can still be found in the tray of a level 2 and 3 Dispenser.