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Basic Information
Map type Domination (Four-Team) (Medieval)
File name dom_krepost

Map info
Environment Castle Courtyard
Setting Day

The rumors are true: we got so sick of you nominating DeGroot Keep "as a joke" that we all pitched in and made a brand-new Medieval Mode map, just so you'd give it a rest. Four teams, a moving objective, and overclocked siege weaponry for you to ride on! Take part in a Dark Age massacre, and see your heroic deeds immortalized in a three-sentence Wikipedia article 900 years from now.

Fight or Flight Day 2 page

Krepost is an official Four-Team Medieval Domination map.

The map is structured like a cross, with each team's control point in their respective bases. At the beginning of the round, all points are locked and access to each team's courtyard is blocked by a gate. After a certain amount of time, a random team's point is selected, unlocking it and opening their gates. It is then up to that team to capture their point and defend it from the other three teams. As with other Domination maps, owning capture points will give you points over time. After a team gains forty points, they win the round.


  • The word "Krepost" is Russian for Fortress.
  • In each team's courtyard, there is a catapult - it's not just for show! Touching the catapult will launch you in the air towards the battlements.