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Dom krepost.webp
Basic Information
Map type Domination (Four-Team) (Medieval)
File name dom_krepost
Release date April 28, 2023 (Fight or Flight)
Developer(s) Suo
Map info
Environment Castle Courtyard
Setting Day

The rumors are true: we got so sick of you nominating DeGroot Keep "as a joke" that we all pitched in and made a brand-new Medieval Mode map, just so you'd give it a rest. Four teams, a moving objective, and overclocked siege weaponry for you to ride on! Take part in a Dark Age massacre, and see your heroic deeds immortalized in a three-sentence Wikipedia article 900 years from now.

Krepost promotional blurb

Krepost is an official Four-Team Medieval Mode Domination map. It is structured like a cross, with each team's control point in their respective bases. As the map is Medieval, players can only equip melee weapons and a limited selection of non-melee weapons. At the beginning of the round, all points are locked and access to each team's courtyard is blocked by a gate. After a certain amount of time, a random team's point is selected, unlocking it and opening their gates. Around each team's point is a catapult that will launch a player onto their battlements, with a five second cooldown. There are also torches that will light Huntsman arrows. When a team gains forty points, they win the round.

Krepost was added to Team Fortress 2 Classic on April 28, 2023, in the Fight or Flight update. It was created by TF2 Classic developer Suo.



Krepost Overview.webp


Each team spawns inside an indoor room with two exits. This spawn is active for all teams at the start of the game. If a team has an open gate, every team except for that one has a forward spawn in their courtyard. The left exit leads to the lower ramp to the point. The right exit leads to an elevated ramp above the point.


The point is in a recessed area next to a medium health pack. The leftmost exit leads to the courtyard forward spawn. The right has two exits: a lower one that leads to the courtyard catapult, and an upper one that leads to its battlements. The middle exit is the largest, and has a clear view of the center.


The courtyard features a small health pack, a medium ammo pack, and a large catapult that sends anyone on it to the battlements above. The team's forward spawn is active for most of the round, and has a one-way drop, with no resupply cabinet. The exit next to the forward spawn leads to a small house above the center.


The center connects all the team bases in a cross. In the center of the center is a large health pack. One team's gate will periodically open, and their point will become active. All classes are able to gain early access to a base by jumping off a rock and onto a convenient ledge leading to a side route, and all sides have torches which light Huntsman arrows.

Update history

  • Added dom_krepost (Suo)


  • Added new arrow signs to help players exiting after leaving forward spawns
  • Adjusted cap point model locations to be consistent
  • Fixed missing rock prop around YLW mid and braziers from YLW and RED


  • The word "Krepost" (Крепость) is Russian for "fortress."