Dynamite Pack

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Dynamite Pack
Backpack Dynamite Pack.png
Kill Icons
Killicon mirv projectile.png
Killicon mirv bomb.png
Basic Information
Used by Demoman
Slot Secondary
Loadout Stats

The Dynamite Pack


Blows up into 4 smaller bomblets after a few seconds have passed

Wrench hits defuse it

The Dynamite Pack is a throwable secondary weapon that explodes into four smaller bomblets on detonation. A thrown Dynamite Pack can be defused by the Engineer by hitting it with the Wrench, while the smaller bomblets can be defused by Pyro's airblast. It has a 10 seconds cooldown before it can be used again.

Related achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c kill buildings with mirv.png 'KA-BLOOIE!' Take out 5 Engineer buildings with The Dynamite Pack.
Tf2c defuse mirv.png Fuse Refusal Defuse an enemy Demoman's Dynamite Pack with the Wrench.
Tf2c kill demo with ownmirv.png Bounced Betty Kill a Demoman with his own Dynamite Pack.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Динамит Dynamite
Spanish Pack de Dinamita Dynamite Pack
English Dynamite Pack -
French Pack de dynamite Dynamite Pack
German Dynamitbündel Dynamite Bundle
Hungarian Dinamitcsomó Dynamite Bundle
Italian Pacco di dinamiti Dynamite Pack
Polish Ładunek Dynamitu Dynamite Charge
Brazilian Portuguese Pacote de Dinamite Dynamite Pack
Romanian Pachet de dinamită Dynamite Pack
Russian Связка динамита Dynamite Bundle
Turkish Dinamit Paketi Dynamite Pack

Update history

  • Added The Dynamite Pack


  • Recharge time slowed from 7s to 10s
  • Faster throw charging time from 4s to 2s
  • Airblast, bullets and melees push the main Dynamite Pack slightly further
  • Airblasting Dynamite Bomblets now extinguishes their fuse


  • Added the ability to taunt kill your enemies with this weapon


  • The Dynamite Pack was originally planned for Team Fortress 2 during it's pre-release stages, as a re-imaging of Team Fortress Classic's MIRV Grenade. It is unknown if it was ever intended to act as it's own weapon.