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Basic Information
Icon Leaderboard class heavy.png
Type Defensive
Health 300 (450 with overheal)
Speed 77%

The Heavy is a defensive class. The Heavy is the slowest class but has the highest HP, letting him stand up to a lot. With his Minigun he's able to deal sustained damage to enemies.






As a Heavy...

  • …hold MOUSE2 to keep your minigun spinning, ready for approaching enemies.
  • …you're a great Medic buddy. Keep a clear line of sight to your Medic to keep the medigun on you."
  • …your minigun chews up a lot of ammo. Pick up fallen weapons to refill your supply.
  • …you don't lose momentum while spinning up your minigun in the air. Use this to surprise enemies around corners!
  • …with the sandvich equipped, be sure to press MOUSE2 in order to heal your teammates.
  • …be sure to find a safe place to eat your sandvich, otherwise you will be rudely interupted.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Картечар Gunner
English Heavy -
French Heavy -
German Heavy -
Italian Grosso Heavy
Portuguese-Brazil Heavy -
Romanian Heavy -
Russian Пулемётчик Gunner
Spanish-Spain Heavy -