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Backpack Gunboats.png
Basic Information
Used by Soldier, Demoman
Slot Primary, Secondary
Loadout Stats

The Gunboats


-60% blast damage from explosive jumps

"Lead shoe inserts! Perfect for anyone trying to cheat on the army physical."

The Gunboats


-60% blast damage from explosive jumps

"Boots so good, you won't even worry about the screws drilled into your feet."

The Gunboats are a passive secondary weapon for the Soldier, and a passive primary weapon for the Demoman. When equipped, they appear as a large pair of lead-plated soles that are bolted onto the user's existing boots. They appear on the user's model regardless of which weapon they have active. The user's footsteps will also sound significantly heavier.

When equipped, the user cannot select the Gunboats as a weapon, and loses the use of either the Shotgun or the Grenade Launcher. In exchange, the user takes 60% less damage from their own explosive weapons. However, if the user's explosion damages an enemy player (excluding enemy buildings), the reduction is ignored and the user takes full self-damage. There is also no reduction when using the Dynamite taunt, which is a massive explosion. Despite the loadout description, the reduction is applied regardless if the user is jumping. The Soldier's passive 60% damage reduction when rocket jumping stacks multiplicatively with the Gunboats. The distance traveled when explosive jumping is unchanged from normal. The user still takes fall damage, and damage from enemy explosions, as normal.


The Gunboats reduce weapon self-damage to the following values:

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Бойните ботуши Combat Boots
Spanish Botas Blindadas Armored Boots
English Gunboats -
French Bottes de sûreté Safety Boots
German Raketenstiefel Rocket Boots
Italian Cannonieri Gunboats
Brazilian Portuguese Canhoneiras Gunboats
Romanian Gunboats -
Russian Штурмботинки Stormboots
Ukrainian Бійчоботи Fighting Boots

Update history

  • Fixed the Gunboats from turning dark on the Soldier or Demoman’s ragdoll if equipped.


  • While Team Fortress 2 Classic allows the Gunboats to be used by by both the Soldier and Demoman, Team Fortress 2 only allows the Soldier to use them. This is because the Gunboats were released as a prize for the Soldier during the WAR! Update, and would have been given to the Demoman had he won instead.
  • Despite the Soldier's backpack describing them as "lead shoe inserts", they are very clearly worn on the outside of his shoes. Furthermore, the Demoman's backpack describes "screws drilled into your feet", which not only contradicts the prior description, but also aren't even screws.