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Backpack Bottle.png
Kill Icons
Killicon bottle.png
Basic Information
Used by Demoman
Slot Melee
Loadout Stats



"Aye, me bottle o' scrumpy!"

The Bottle is the default melee weapon of the Demoman. It is a brown, glass bottle o' scrumpy, with a grey label on both sides, marked "XXX" with a year of 1808. When striking a surface (or an enemy) with a critical hit, the bottle will shatter, visible to all players, and will remain shattered until the player respawns. This does not change its damage, and resupply cabinets will not replace the bottle.

The Bottle deals 65 damage and attacks every 0.8 seconds. Compared to other melee weapons, the Demoman gets more use out of it than other classes do with theirs. The large reload times of his other weapons means he often suffers from empty clips, making the Bottle a practical necessity. The ability to detonate stickybombs while its out means the Demoman can create a zone of control where the enemy is encouraged to walk towards him, and the looming threat of the Bottle can encourage the enemy to back up to where he wants them. A lucky detonation can also bounce an enemy towards him, finishing them off with a swing. Regardless, the Demoman still has below-average speed, and so charging in swinging will lead to his swift death.


Damage type Melee
Ranged or Melee? Melee
Taunt Cheers
Base damage 100% 65
Critical 195
Mini-crit 88
Function Times
Attack interval 0.8 s
Activation time 0.2 s
All values are approximate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Бутилка Bottle
Spanish Botella Bottle
English Bottle -
French Bouteille Bottle
German Flasche Bottle
Italian Bottiglia Bottle
Brazilian Portuguese Garrafa Bottle
Romanian Sticlă Bottle
Russian Бутылка Bottle
Ukrainian Пляшка Bottle

Update history

  • Added particles upon breaking the bottle


  • Scrumpy is a real beverage, originating from West of England, and is an alcoholic cider produced from apples. Despite the Demoman's affinity for it, it is not a stereotypically Scottish drink.

Comparisons from Team Fortress 2

  • TF2 Classic has a unique killicon for the Bottle when it is smashed after dealing a fatal critical hit and killing with an already smashed one.