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Basic Information
Icon Leaderboard class civilian.png
Type Special
Health 200 (300 with overheal)
Speed 93%

If I survive you all get a five cent raise! Sound good? Good...

The Civilian "encouraging" his body guards

The Civilian is a special class, unique to Team Fortress 2 Classic, that is designed around the VIP game mode, which is the only mode he can be played in. During a VIP match, he must be escorted by his bodyguards, the BLU team, while avoiding being killed by the assassins, the RED team. He is extremely short and fat, and has 200 health and 93% speed, yet is equipped only with the Umbrella, a low-damage melee weapon. As a result, he is completely useless in direct combat, but benefits his team with a variety of special effects.

His passive effect is in providing an aura around him, benefiting his teammates with 20% damage resistance, which doesn't affect the Civilian himself, while healing them between 5 and 15 health per second, which the Civilian does benefit from. Like the Medi Gun, he gives less health to players damaged within 10 seconds. The aura checks for players within it every second, has a slightly larger activation range than deactivation range, makes a wooshing sound on an active player, shows a badge on their health, is active through walls, and will benefit disguised Spies. If there are somehow two Civilians, they can provide auras to each other, enabling the damage reduction for eachother. The damage reduction does not affect taunt kills, and only gives 6.66% damage reduction against critical hits.

His Umbrella is an excellent weapon for dealing damage, but not because the Civilian attacks with it. Instead, it will grant an 8-second mini-crit boost to any one of his teammates, which deals 35% extra damage and ignores damage falloff for all their weapons. It can also mini-crit boost the Medi Gun or Kritzkrieg, increasing their heal rate and ÜberCharge rate by 35%. The boost recharges every 15 seconds, and has no boost when spawning. Besides this feature, the Umbrella is identical to the Bat, itself a bad weapon, and so only deals 35 damage a swing despite swinging faster than normal. This means the Civilian should not attempt direct combat with an enemy under any circumstances.

He also has the fastest capture rate out of all classes in the game, capturing five times faster than normal. However, this is a moot point, because he is the only class able to capture points in VIP mode. If he is enabled outside of VIP mode, using the server command tf2c_allow_special_classes, he is able to be selected as normal, and will play much the same way as he does in VIP - which is to say, a terrible fighter with exceptional passive effects.

The Civilian is voiced by Benjamin "Benjamoose" Rudman.


Name: Orson W. Jenkins
Location of origin: Dorset, England
Job: Escape (Oil Baron)
Motto: No Motto
Special ability: Boost
Known as "Dollar Bill" to his friends (a self-given nickname, as he has none), the rich, haughty, and rather portly Civilian is a man with a target on his back. Paranoid, he hires mercenaries to protect him from the various men and organizations that are after him. His two loves are his life and his money, and he wants to maintain those for as long as he possibly can. But so long as there are people who want him dead out there, he's going to have to use that money he loves dearly to keep himself alive.



Weapon Kill icon
Backpack Umbrella.png
Killicon umbrella.png


As a Civilian…

  • …keep up with your teammates to have a better chance of survival.
  • …you're rather slow. Try your best to keep up with your teammates!
  • …you are the shortest class in the game. This can be useful when hiding behind teammates.
  • …you are the only class capable of capturing control points in VIP mode.
  • …be sure to watch out for enemy Spies, as they're capable of killing you instantly.
  • …nearby teammates will be protected from damage within your morale boost's radius. You yourself however, remain excluded.
  • …your morale boost passes through walls and heals teammates too. Try to keep out of enemy sight lines.
  • …hit MOUSE2 on a teammate to boost them, giving them a great advantage in battle.
  • …your umbrella isn't very effective as a weapon. Let your teammates fight for you.
  • …your umbrella grants mini-crits to a teammate of your choosing. Boost classes that are capable of dealing high amounts of damage.
  • …your mini-crit boost also gives Medics 35% faster healing and Über gain.

Related achievements

VIP achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c win civilian nodeaths.png The Entrepreneur Win a round of VIP as the Civilian without dying once.
Tf2c heal civilian.png Loyal Servant Accumulate 5000 points from healing the Civilian.
Tf2c dominate civilian.png Restraining Order Violation Dominate the Civilian within a round of VIP.
Tf2c kill civilian disguiseboost.png Fraudulent Transaction As a Spy, kill the Civilian using the boost given by him.
Tf2c achievement vip protect unseen.png Undercover Boss As the Civilian, help your teammates resist 2000 damage from enemies while you're behind cover.
Tf2c achievement killstreak while vip boosted.png Employee of the Month Kill 3 enemies while under the effect of your VIP's buff.
Tf2c achievement vip teammate killstreak damage boost.png World's Best Boss Have a teammate buffed by your Umbrella kill 3 enemies.
Tf2c achievement vip kill crit killstreak.png Hostile Takeover Kill 2 enemies with the crit boost provided by killing the enemy team's VIP.
Tf2c achievement kill vip damagers.png Look Out for the Little Guy Kill 20 enemies that recently damaged your VIP while he is still alive.
Tf2c achievement protect vip as medic.png Urgent Care As a Medic, kill an enemy who is attacking your VIP.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Цивилен Civilian
Spanish Civilian -
English Civilian -
French Civilian -
German Civilian -
Hungarian Civil Civilian
Italian Civile Civilian
Polish Cywil Civilian
Brazilian Portuguese Civilian -
Romanian Civilian -
Russian Гражданский Civilian
Turkish Civilian -
Ukrainian Цивільний Civilian

Update history

  • Updated the Civilian’s Speed to be as fast as the Demoman.
  • Added Voice-lines for the Civilian. (Currently the Civilian cannot move his mouth; This will be fixed in a future update.)
  • Added a Headshot death animation to the Civilian.
  • Updated the Civilian model with proper animations.
  • Updated the Civilian model to properly hold Briefcases and Party Hats.
  • Updated the Civilian’s viewmodels to be more consistent with the rest of the classes.
  • Updated the Civilian’s view-height to be more accurate to his height.
  • Fixed the Civilians(sic) Gibs to be ordered correctly.



  • Updated the Civilian:
    • Now slowly heals nearby teammates and himself
    • Healing starts at 5HP/s and increases up to 15HP/s if players have taken no damage for 10s
    • Added voice lines for taking damage from enemies
  • Added the Civilian to the loadout menu


  • The VIP no longer instantly respawns all dead teammates if they change loadout in spawn or use the respawn command


  • The Civilian originated in Team Fortress Classic, and was considered for Team Fortress 2 during it's development, but never went anywhere past very early gameplay test phases.
  • The model for the Civilian was originally made for a custom game-mode in standard Team Fortress 2 called "Hunted", before being adopted by the developers.
  • In VIP, the Civilian cannot kill himself through a kill-bind.
  • If you call for Medic, there's a chance the Civilian will say "Excuse me, I'm in need of medical attention!", which is a reference to one of the Medic lines in Team Fortress Classic.
  • Despite not being one of the 9 mercenaries, the Civilian can still be Übercharged. This implies he underwent surgery from the Medic to gain an Übercharge implant.
  • If a Spy backstabs the Civilian while under the effects of his aura (which are gained while disguised), the Civilian will get credit for his own death.
  • When the Civilian dies from an explosion and is gibbed, his former body leaves behind a green cloud of fluttering money.
  • The Civilian's real name (Orson W. Jenkins) was inspired by the Jenkin Coal Co., a company present within both Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress 2 Classic. The Civilian being the company's proprietor is heavily implied with this decision.