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Backpack Kritzkrieg.png
Basic Information
Used by Medic
Slot Secondary
Loadout Stats

The Kritzkrieg

Medi Gun

ÜberCharge grants 100% critical chance

+25% ÜberCharge rate

Super charges your patient's weapon to a critical level!

The Medi Gun is a secondary weapon of the Medic.

Instead of granting invulnerability, the ÜberCharge grants guaranteed critical damage to the patient.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Критцкригът Kritzkrieg
Spanish Kritzkrieg -
English Kritzkrieg -
French Kritzkrieg -
German Kritzkrieg -
Italian Kritzkrieg -
Brazilian Portuguese Kritzkrieg -
Romanian Kritzkrieg -
Russian Крицкриг Kritzkrieg


  • Unlike Team Fortress 2, compared to the Medi Gun, the Kritzkrieg has a unique weapon model, a unique backpack model and a unique set of particles.