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This article was adapted and revised from the "Capture the Flag" article of the Official Team Fortress Wiki.

Are you even paying attention to me?

The Scout after entering his base with the intelligence

Capture the Flag, abbreviated "CTF", is a game mode where each team has an intelligence briefcase (or other item) that they must defend while trying to steal each other's intelligences. The team to reach a set number of stolen intelligences first wins.


At the start of a Capture the Flag round, each team has their own Intelligence in a specific zone of the map. The opposing team and your team must retrieve the briefcase (or other kind of Intelligence) from this location inside the opposite team’s base and return to your point, usually your team's capture zone where your Intelligence spawns.

The Intelligence can be taken by any enemy player that walks up onto it, but can not be grabbed or moved by a friendly player. Once grabbed by a player, the Intelligence then appears on their back and the Announcer informs both teams that the Intelligence has been taken. The Intelligence counter and bar on the HUD then points in the direction of the carrier, who must make their way out of the enemy base and back to their own capture zone. Carriers are able to be seen through walls by their respective teammates as they glow a green, yellow, or red outline signifying their current amount of health.

While carrying the Intelligence, certain conditions may result in the player being unable to pick up and carry the Intelligence.

  • The Intelligence is dropped if the carrier is killed or enters spawn.


The following is a list of official Capture the Flag maps:


  • Capture the Flag is the only gamemode to be present in every single Team Fortress game so far. Quake Fortress, Team Fortress Classic, and Team Fortress 2 all have Capture the Flag as gamemode.