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Backpack Knife.png
Kill Icons
Killicon knife.png
Killicon backstab.png
Basic Information
Used by Spy
Slot Melee
Loadout Stats



Attack an enemy from behind to backstab them for a one-hit kill

"For the man who loves to watch things unfold."

The Knife is the default melee weapon for the Spy. It is a butterfly knife.

It only deals 40 damage per hit, but the knife lacks windup like other melee weapons have, so each hit deals its damage instantly. However, hitting an enemy at a 180° radius of its back causes the player to backstab the enemy, causing an instantaneous kill, assuming the enemy does not have invulnerability.


Damage type Melee
Ranged or Melee? Melee
Taunt Fencing
Base damage 100% 40
Critical 120
6x health
Mini-crit 54
Function Times
Attack interval 0.8 s
Activation time Instant
All values are approximate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Нож Knife
Spanish Mariposa Butterfly Knife
English Knife -
French Couteau Knife
German Messer Knife
Italian Coltello Knife
Brazilian Portuguese Faca Knife
Romanian Cuțit Knife
Russian Нож Knife