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Backpack Sandvich.png
Basic Information
Used by Heavy
Slot Secondary
Loadout Stats

The Sandvich

Lunch Box

Eat to regain up to 120 health.

Alt-fire: Share Sandvich with a friend (Medium health kit)

"Come closer! I will give you taste."

The Sandvich, also known as the Sandvich Edible Device, is a secondary weapon for the Heavy. It's a triangle shaped half of a sandwich consisting of bread, ham, bologna, swiss cheese, lettuce, and sliced tomato, all topped off with a green pimento-stuffed olive pinned to the meal with a toothpick.

Upon consuming the Sandvich, the user will replenish 120 health points in 30 health intervals over 4 seconds, but will not overheal if their health is full. While eating the Sandvich, the player is forced into a loud, third-person eating animation where the Heavy bites into the sandwich. The user cannot move or attack during this animation. The Sandvich eating animation counts as a taunt, having the same effects when pressing the taunt button, and cannot be eaten midair or underwater. The Sandvich, unlike its Team Fortress 2 counterpart, does not consume its charge when eaten.

Its alternate fire allows it to be thrown, consuming its charge and acting as a deployable medium health pack that will heal any other player (including enemies) for 50% of their max health. It cannot be airblasted, is not affected by water, and will disappear into certain map entities. It will also be launched by Jump Pads, and can detonate enemy Mine Layer mines. If the user picks up their own Sandvich, it will recharge immediately without healing them. When thrown, the Sandvich takes 30 seconds to recharge, which is the length of time it takes the thrown Sandvich to disappear from the world. If a second Sandvich is thrown while the first one is out, the first one disappears. If the Heavy is killed while the Sandvich is out, it drops to the ground and provides health (but not ammo) as if it were thrown. However, any Sandviches already thrown will not disappear.


Taunt Nomming
Healing (self) 30
Healing (others) 50% of max health
Loaded 1
Reload type Recharge
Function Times
Activation time 1 s
Consumption time 4.3 s
Charge fill speed 3.33% / s
Recharge time 30 s
Drop expiry 30 s
All values are approximate.


Achievement Description
Tf2c achievement sandvich mines.png Disarmament As a Heavy, safely trigger an enemy Mine that is at least 5 seconds old without walking near it.

Update history

  • Added the Sandvich
  • The Sandvich can now be eaten by all classes in Randomizer.


  • Updated dropped Sandviches from dead Heavies to give points on pickup


  • Heal points are now given for Shock Therapy healing, Medic passive regen, Kritzkrieg self healing, being healed by an enemy Shock Therapy as a Spy, and stealing enemy Sandviches

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Сандвичът Sandwich
Spanish Focata Sandvich
English Sandvich -
French Sandvich -
German Sandvich -
Italian Sandvich -
Brazilian Portuguese Sandviche Sandvich
Romanian Sandvich -
Russian Бутерброд Sandwich
Ukrainian Бутерброд Sandwich


  • On the Sandvich's first use, its model will have a visible bite taken out of it. This persists until the Sandvich is thrown or the user reaches a resupply locker. However, the thrown Sandvich model will not have any bite marks.
  • On the scoreboard statistics, the Heavy will gain healing points for eating his own Sandvich and for healing allies, but not for healing enemies.
  • The Sandvich can be crit boosted, but this will not change its properties.