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This article contains the list of maps in Team Fortress 2 Classic. Only maps that officially ship with Team Fortress 2 Classic are listed here.

Map types

Type Prefix Number of maps
Arena arena_ 11
Attack / Defense cp_ 10
Capture the Flag ctf_ 8
Control Points cp_ 12
Domination dom_ 3
King of the Flag kotf_ 0
King of the Hill koth_ 10
Payload pl_ 8
Payload Race plr_ 3
Special Delivery sd_ 1
Territorial Control tc_ 1
Territorial Domination td_ 1
VIP vip_ 4
VIP Race vipr_ 0

Sub types

Type Number of maps
Four-Team 5
Medieval 2


Map Map Type File Name Version Added
Badlands Arena arena_badlands 2.0.0
Flask Arena (Four-Team) arena_flask 2.0.0
Floodgate Arena (Four-Team) arena_floodgate 2.1.0
Granary Arena arena_granary 2.0.0
Lumberyard Arena arena_lumberyard 2.0.0
Nucleus Arena arena_nucleus 2.0.0
Offblast Arena arena_offblast_final 2.0.0
Ravine Arena arena_ravine 2.0.0
Sawmill Arena arena_sawmill -
Watchtower Arena arena_watchtower 2.0.0
Well Arena arena_well 2.0.0
Amaranth Attack / Defense cp_amaranth 1.9.0
DeGroot Keep Attack / Defense (Medieval) cp_degrootkeep 2.0.0
Dustbowl Attack / Defense cp_dustbowl Initial release
Egypt Attack / Defense cp_egypt_final -
Furnace Creek Attack / Defense cp_furnace_rc1 1.9.0
Gorge Attack / Defense cp_gorge -
Gravel Pit Attack / Defense cp_gravelpit -
Junction Attack / Defense cp_junction_final -
Mountain Lab Attack / Defense cp_mountainlab -
Steel Attack / Defense cp_steel 2.0.0
2Fort Capture the Flag ctf_2fort -
Casbah Capture the Flag ctf_casbah 1.9.0
Double Cross Capture the Flag ctf_doublecross 2.0.0
Landfall Capture the Flag ctf_landfall 1.9.0
Pelican Peak Capture the Flag ctf_pelican_peak 2.0.4
Sawmill Capture the Flag ctf_sawmill 2.0.0
Turbine Capture the Flag ctf_turbine -
Well Capture the Flag ctf_well -
Badlands Control Points cp_badlands -
Coldfront Control Points cp_coldfront -
Fastlane Control Points cp_fastlane 2.0.0
Foundry Control Points cp_foundry 2.0.0
Freight Control Points cp_freight_final1 2.0.0
Gorge Control Points cp_5gorge -
Granary Control Points cp_granary -
Gullywash Control Points cp_gullywash_final1 -
Powerhouse Control Points cp_powerhouse -
Tidal Control Points cp_tidal_v4 1.9.0
Well Control Points cp_well -
Yukon Control Points cp_yukon_final 2.0.0
Hydro Domination (Four-Team) dom_hydro 2.0.0
Krepost Domination (Four-Team Medieval) dom_krepost 2.1.0
Oil Canyon Domination dom_oilcanyon 2.0.0
Badlands King of the Hill koth_badlands 2.0.0
Frigid King of the Hill (Four-Team) koth_frigid 2.1.0
Harvest King of the Hill koth_harvest_final -
Harvest (Event) King of the Hill koth_harvest_event 2.0.0
Highpass King of the Hill koth_highpass 2.0.0
Kong King King of the Hill koth_king -
Lakeside King of the Hill koth_lakeside_final -
Nucleus King of the Hill koth_nucleus -
Sawmill King of the Hill koth_sawmill -
Viaduct King of the Hill koth_viaduct -
Badwater Basin Payload pl_badwater -
Barnblitz Payload pl_barnblitz -
Frontier Payload pl_frontier_final 2.0.0
Gold Rush Payload pl_goldrush -
Hoodoo Payload pl_hoodoo_final -
Jinn Payload pl_jinn 2.1.0
Thunder Mountain Payload pl_thundermountain 2.0.0
Upward Payload pl_upward -
Hightower Payload Race plr_hightower -
Nightfall Payload Race plr_nightfall_final 2.0.0
Pipeline Payload Race plr_pipeline -
Doomsday Special Delivery sd_doomsday -
Hydro Territorial Control tc_hydro -
Caper Territorial Domination td_caper 2.1.0
Badwater Basin VIP vip_badwater 2.0.0
Harbor VIP vip_harbor 2.0.0
Mineside VIP vip_mineside 2.0.0
Trainyard VIP vip_trainyard 2.0.0