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1.8.0 was an update for Team Fortress 2 Classic. It was released on February 8, 2015. It featured multiple additions and many more bug fixes. The patch notes are on the archived TF2C Wiki.

This update came after 1.7.2 and before 1.8.1.


Fixed team collisions

Fixed the weapon menu bind

Fixed the ammo hud being incorrectly positioned

Added Colteh's fixed Tranquilizer model

Fixed cap icons for GRN and YLW

Fixed headshots and broken eyes. We're now using player models compiled by Dr.PySpy.

Added chowder908's GRN and YLW stickies

Added new Cyclops and Beta RPG sounds by Omniary

The Cyclops is now named The Heavy Ordance(sic)

The game description in the server browser is now set depending on the gamemode

Killer and assister in the killfeed are now properly colored

Certain weapons now have proper muzzle flash model scales (Thanks to Onefourth for messing with the values and finding the ones that look best)

Fixed the Civilian crash

Ported the Scoreboard from live TF2

Sticky bombs(sic) and pipe bombs now properly use GRN and YLW skins

Added a 4 team scoreboard (currently broken on 4:3 resolutions) (Bassed off of onefourth's concept image)

Added a 4 team selection menu (models by sedimentarysocks, textures by onefourth)

HUD Death Notice text is now no longer white.

Fixed random team selection not choosing GRN or YLW

Changed the YLW Death Notice color to be more visible

Added dynamic lights for the muzzleflashes and the Flamethrower(sic)

Fixed the missing Spy masks (Dr.PySpy)

Added Medic Shotgun

Added the Fishwhacker

Modified the FGD

Additional model and texture fixes/improvements by Game Zombie

Model fixes by kida

Engineer Shotgun missing a glove texture (I initially mapped it to use engineer_handr_green and _yellow, but apparently those don't exist and the viewmodels still use engineer_handr_red)

Engineer Pistol missing shell ejection

Demoman Grenade_Launcher(sic) missing v_model and also fixed it using that messed up gold texture

Sniper SMG missing shell ejection

Medic Syringe Gun now doesn't have stretching polies(sic) when he goes to reload