Syringe Gun

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Syringe Gun
Backpack Syringe Gun.png
Kill Icons
Killicon syringegun medic.png
Basic Information
Used by Medic
Slot Primary
Ammo loaded 40
Ammo carried 150
Loadout Stats

Syringe Gun

Syringe Gun

"I'll make sure you won't leave unharmed!"

The Syringe Gun is the default primary weapon of the Medic.


Shot type Projectile
Damage type Bullet
Ranged or Melee? Ranged
Taunt Glove snap
Maximum ramp-up 120% 12
Base damage 100% 10
Maximum fall-off 52.8% 21
Critical 30
Mini-crit 14
Mini-crit (ramp-up) 16
Bullet count 1
Loaded 40
Carried 150
Reload type Clip
Function Times
Attack interval 0.105 s
Reload 1.305 s
All values are approximate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Спринцовко-изстрелвач Syringe Shooter
Spanish Pistola de Jeringas Syringe Gun
English Syringe Gun -
French Pistolet à seringues Syringe Gun
German Spritzen-MG Syringe Gun
Italian Pistola spara-siringhe Syringe Gun
Brazilian Portuguese Arma de Seringas Syringe Gun
Romanian Pușcă de seringă Syringe Gun
Russian Шприцемёт Syringe Gun