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Backpack L'escampette.png
Basic Information
Used by Spy
Slot Watch
Loadout Stats


Invis Watch

Cloak Type: Speedy

+30% faster move speed while cloaked

+100% faster cloak consumption

-15% cloak when damaged under cloak

"Make it quick."

The L'escampette is a watch for the Spy. It is a stopwatch without a chain, with a glowing circular cloak indicator divided into eight segments.

Compared to the Invis Watch, the L'escampette gives a 30% speed bonus while cloaked at the cost of a faster cloak drain rate, draining in 5 seconds instead of 10. Like the Invis Watch, picking up ammo crates while cloaked will refill the meter, and the recharge rate is the same at 30 seconds. This speed boost means that the user can jump immediately after cloaking, and then decloak, to preserve the momentum while draining less meter. As a downside, the watch drains its meter twice as fast, and any damage received while active will drain 15% of its cloak. This means that rapidly receiving damage will drain the cloak instantly.


Function Times
Consumption time 5 s
Cloak fade 1.0 s
Uncloak fade 1.8 s
Charge fill speed 3.33% / s
Charge fill time 30 s
All values are approximate.


  • The word "escampette" comes from the old fashioned French idiom "prendre la poudre d'escampette" ("to take the powder of 'escampette'"), which means "to escape". The word itself isn't really used in any other context in the language, and can be roughly translated to "little escape" or "little getaway".
  • In the promotional art for the L'escampette, there is a texturing error on the metal square next to the pipes on the left side. A default Source engine texture is visible where a metal texture should be. This error is not visible on the Flight or Fight update page, as the image has been cropped.
    • In addition, there is a Brick kill icon on the hazardous barrels on the right side, teasing the weapon three days before its official reveal. This is, in fact, visible on the update page.


Promotional art for the L'escampette. Notice the Brick kill icon on the barrels and the texturing error next to the pipes.