Shock Therapy

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Shock Therapy
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Kill Icons
Killicon taser.png
Basic Information
Used by Medic
Slot Melee
Loadout Stats

The Shock Therapy


-15% heal rate

Hit teammates for a quick full heal to maximum health (30s cooldown)

Damage is also affected by the current electrical charge

The Shock Therapy is a melee weapon for the Medic. It's an arm-mounted battery-powered taser with two large prongs that display currents of electricity traveling between them.

As questionable as it's looks the Shock Therapy is an electrified life saver on the battlefield, for the cost of 15% less healing done by the users Medigun, it provides both major healing as well as damage in situations where it's most needed. The Shock Therapy works dependent on how much energy it contains, when charged to full capacity hitting an enemy deals 101 damage. Don't forget that it's not just a weapon, hitting a teammate heals them for an amount equal to their class's maximum health, with any remaining health becoming overheal.

No matter if it's friend or foe, hitting someone entirely depletes whatever charge the device has, after that the weapon takes 30 seconds to recharge it's energy back to full capacity. This means that hitting a teammate again would do nothing until the weapon is fully charged. along with that the damage is also entirely dependent on the amount of energy stored within the device. Hitting an enemy when the Shock Therapy is fully depleted deals only 3 damage, the amount of damage dealt with any charge other than full or empty is determined by the amount of energy stored. It's also important to note that going underwater while wielding the Shock Therapy instantly depletes the charge.

The Shock Therapy is an excellent tool when it's energy is managed correctly, users should always remember to conserve as much as they can so that when the need arises they have it ready for usage.

Update history

  • Added The Shock Therapy


  • 15% slower Heal Rate on all Mediguns when equipped
  • Decreased the ammount of healing done on hit from 150% to 100% of a classes health
  • Health is given to the target instantly
  • No longer uses Knife Impact sounds when hitting players
  • Removed guaranteed crits against wet enemies

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Електрошокова терапия Electroshock Therapy
Spanish Electrochoque Electroshock
English Shock Therapy -
French Électrochoc Electroshock
German Schocktherapie Shock Therapy
Hungarian Sokkterápia Shock Therapy
Italian Elettroshock Electroshock
Polish Terapia szokowa Shock Therapy
Brazilian Portuguese Terapia de Choque Shock Therapy
Romanian Terapie de șoc Shock Therapy
Russian Шоковая терапия Shock Therapy
Turkish Şok Terapisi Shock Therapy