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Spy RED.png
Spy BLU.png
Spy GRN.png
Spy YLW.png
Basic Information
Icon Leaderboard class spy.png
Type Support
Health 125 (185 with overheal)
Speed 107%

Thank you for being such a dear friend.

The Spy after taking out his local mercenary

The Spy is a support class whose purpose is to immediately kill unsuspecting enemies at great personal risk. He has 125 health and 107% speed, making him slightly faster than usual. His Disguise Kit allows him to camouflage himself as an enemy teammate, while still taking damage from them as usual. His Invis Watch allows him to cloak and turn invisible, only being revealed when he bumps into an enemy, or is shot by them. These allow him to sneak into enemy lines without being detected, giving him freedom to roam around the map. With his Knife's backstab feature, he can instantly kill any enemy looking away from him, which is especially valuable against Medics and Heavies. His Revolver acts as a reliable backup weapon for when he is inevitably caught, able to blast pursuers close-up and finish off enemies from afar. Finally, his Sapper allows destruction of enemy buildings, disabling them and dealing constant damage to them. This skillset is designed to allow the Spy to kill enemies undetected and be able to sneak away, with limited combat abilities outside of espionage.

The Spy faces unique issues compared to other classes. These issues include the triviality of spy-checking, the commitment of cloaking, his lack of combat ability, a reliance on luck despite his high skill requirements, and disproportionately hard counters from Pyro, multiple Engineers, and any player who simply turns around. Players have learned to blast any "ally" that approaches them, and this will kill the Spy before he gets a chance to return fire. As his cloak is revealed when taking damage (such as unwittingly getting caught in crossfire), and he is helpless for a long period of time after uncloaking, he has no good response when he is revealed. Even if he could respond right away, his weapons are below par. The Revolver is merely decent, not exceptional, and the Knife is a terrible melee weapon outside of backstabs. This makes it difficult for Spy to win in a 1v1 fight, even with perfect aim.

As a result of these numerous downsides, the Spy is considered the weakest class in the game. Despite this distinction, he is by no means unusable, and is still able to find success if the circumstances are right. On offense, his main goal is to destroy the enemy Sentry Gun, which is accomplished by killing the Engineer and sapping all his buildings. He can also go deep into enemy territory to sneakily capture an objective, something which other classes have a hard time achieving. On defense, his main role is to constantly kill the enemy Medic and his patient, preventing them from building up enough momentum to mount a successful assault. A Spy standing around an obscure corner can get more kills than even a Heavy standing there, and is especially useful in killing the VIP. While the Spy is not a good class for anyone desiring consistency, his playstyle and mechanics are unlike any other, with a technical skillset that takes full advantage of the player's game knowledge. He is terrible for new players, but acts as an amusing option for experienced players to try out, pushing their luck to see just how far they can take the so-called "worst class in the game", and finding joy in the unexpected depths of his mediocre brilliance.


Country of Origin: France

Job: Uncloak & Dagger

Motto: "..."

Contraptions: Disguise Kit / Cloaking Watch

A master of disguise, misdirection, and the byzantine details of who really runs things, the Spy is a double reverse quadruple agent whose reflexive suspicion is entirely justified.



Weapon Kill icon
Backpack Revolver.png
Killicon revolver.png
Backpack Tranquilizer Gun.png
Tranquilizer Gun
Killicon tranq.png


Weapon Kill icon
Backpack Sapper.png
Killicon obj attachment sapper.png


Weapon Kill icon
Backpack Knife.png
Killicon knife.png


Backpack Disguise Kit.png
Disguise Kit


Backpack Invis Watch.png
Invis Watch
Backpack L'escampette.png


Main article: Basic Spy Strategy

As a Spy…

  • …disguise yourself as an enemy with your disguise kit. Beware, attacking will remove your disguise.
  • …call for enemy Medics by hitting E while disguised.
  • …try to act like an enemy while disguised. Observe where enemy team members are, and disguise as one of them.
  • …press Shift to run at normal speed while disguised as slower classes.
  • …your revolver is a very useful tool for when a stealth operation doesn't go your way.
  • …place your electro sappers on enemy buildings to disable and destroy them. Disguises aren't lost when placing sappers.
  • …your electro sappers disable sentry guns before destroying them. Sap a sentrygun before attacking the engineer.
  • …use your knife to backstab enemies from behind, killing them instantly.
  • …hit MOUSE2 to cloak and become fully invisible for a short period of time.
  • …use your cloak to get behind enemy lines, and your disguise to move around amongst them.
  • …your tranquilizer gun slows down your target and decreases their ranged gun damage. This helps create an opening for an escape.
  • …the darts from your tranquilizer gun cause your target to take guaranteed critical hits from melee damage. Let your teammates gang up on them.
  • …the L'escampette allows you to move quickly to or from the enemy base. Make quick escapes, or quick infiltrations!
  • …you lose cloak taking damage with the L'escampette equipped. Stay out of the line of fire.

Related achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c achievement tranq melee kill.png Deep Sleep As a Spy, kill 10 tranquilized players with your melee weapon.

VIP achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c kill civilian disguiseboost.png Fraudulent Transaction As a Spy, kill the Civilian using the boost given by him.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Шпионин Spy
Spanish Spy -
English Spy -
French Spy -
German Spy -
Hungarian Kém Spy
Italian Spia Spy
Polish Szpieg Spy
Brazilian Portuguese Spy -
Romanian Spy -
Russian Шпион Spy
Turkish Spy -
Ukrainian Шпигун Spy

Update history

  • Updated the Spy's Cigarette “shell” to be slightly higher poly.
  • Added Spywalk for Spies. (Bound to Shift by default)
  • Added a glow to the Spy's cigarette.
  • Updated the Spy’s mask textures to be consistent with the 10 classes.
  • Being touched as a Spy now also affects the viewmodel.


  • Updated tf2c_spy_gun_mettle to include updated Sapper damage modifier
  • Fixed Spywalk not being applied clientside


  • The move speed increase from tf2c_gun_mettle_spy now only affects Spy, rather than all classes


  • Updated the Spy:
    • Increased the Spy's movement speed to 107% (from 100%)
    • Set by tf2c_spy_gun_mettle 2, the new default setting for tf2c_spy_gun_mettle; can be changed by server operators
  • Heal points are now given for Shock Therapy healing, Medic passive regen, Kritzkrieg self healing, being healed by an enemy Shock Therapy as a Spy, and stealing enemy Sandviches
  • Added the tf2c_spywalk_inverted convar, which sets Spywalk (moving at Spy's regular speed while disguised as slower classes) as the default behavior, with +SPEED (Spywalk bind) imitating your disguise's speed


  • The Spy now has a +20% damage resistance and reduced debuff duration while cloaked
  • Added a Spywalk indicator on the Disguise HUD (enabled via tf2c_spywalk_hud, enabled by default)


  • Spies now gain double the amount of cloak from building gibs
  • Cloaked Spies now correctly take 20% less damage even from crits


  • The Spy used to have 100% movement speed in both Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress 2 Classic, but both iterations were eventually changed to 107%.
  • In Team Fortress 2 Classic, Spy gets another line for his "Thanks!" voice command where he says "Prego" ("Translation: "You're welcome"). This was lifted from the prerelease versions of Team Fortress 2.
  • The RED and YLW Spy smoke white cigarettes, while the BLU and GRN Spy smoke brown cigarettes. Despite this, the class selection portraits in-game have the BLU and GRN Spy smoking white cigarettes.