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1.9.0 was an update for Team Fortress 2 Classic. It was released on May 3, 2015. It featured many additions and bug fixes, a few balance changes, and a lot of maps. The patch notes are on the archived TF2C Wiki.

This update came after 1.8.3 and before 2.0.0 (BETA).



Sudden Death is now enabled by default

Reduced damage spread to match live TF2

Reduced crit chance to match live TF2

Increased voice chat avatar image resolution

Class menus now use the same sounds for all teams

cl_customsounds now defaults to 1

mp_teams_unbalance_limit now defaults to 2

Removed the Lead Pipe

Balance Changes

The Poacher's Pride

  • Decreased Charge Time from 1s to 0.5s
  • Increased Damage by 15% (13.33% to be exact)
  • Reduced Bullet Spread by 30% (33.33% to be exact)


Avatars now show up when voicechatting on the HUD

Nassimo's gameplay signs pack has been added.

Nassimo's TIP cap point textures

New capture point holograms for GRN & YLW

Added class menu sounds and music

Added the crowbar(sic)

Added new particles for the Overhealer

Added the Kritzkrieg and the Ubersaw (the Ubersaw currently uses the Bonesaw model)

Added rebindability for the disguise menu team switch using the "disguiseteam" command

Re-added hitsounds and hit indicators

Added the deathmatch weapon spawner entity into the game

Added support for Mercenary and Civilian HUD images

Added the new maps to the map info menu


GRN and YLW are now unable to take metal from opponent teams

Sentry is properly fixed for GRN and YLW

func_rotating has been fixed

Fixed a bug with 'tf_weapon_criticals'

Fixed the command 'lastdisguise'

Fixed 'tf_weapon_criticals' acting inverted

Fixed an exploit where players could use any weapon due to an error in 'weaponpreset'

Fixed dispensers dispensing ammo to enemy teams

Fixed being able to reload the Poacher's Pride while scoped in

Fixed an exploit where players were able to remain übercharged(sic) for an infinite amount of time

Fixed a bug where viewmodel animations wouldn't play after switching back from 3rd person view

Fixed ammo pickup sounds ignoring supression settings

Fixed spies(sic) disguised as their team not being able to capture points.

Fixed the bot command to incorporate four teams

Fixed a crash occuring when changing the game's resolution

Fixed a few bugs related to team balance

Fixed the stat panel including the Civilian and the Mercenary

Fixed crit detection

Fixed text spacing in the killfeed

Fixed the RPG HUD icon


TF2C Community Map Pack #1:

Added 4 new completed maps to the map rotation:

Added CP Furnace Creek, a community Attack / Defend map by YM and Nineaxis

Added CP Tidal, a community Control Points map by Heyo

Added CTF Landfall, a community Capture the Flag map by Dr. Spud

Added CP Amaranth, a community Attack / Defend map by Berry

Added custom assets from all the new rotation maps, as well as assets from the Autumnal Expansion Pack to the files for TF2C level designers to use

Updated rotation system: The default map rotation will be exclusive to finished maps, late beta maps and highly popular & presentable indev maps

Updated map rotation

Updated CTF Push by DrPyspy to the latest version

Added CP Hydro by Snowshoe to the maps list as a testing map

Added VIP Callous2 by Berry to the maps list as a testing map

Added VIP Ashworks by Berry to the maps list as a testing map

Added CP Warpath by Suomimies55 to the maps list as a testing map

Added CP Cragg by Berry to the maps list as a testing map

Added CTF Upstream by Iiboharz as a testing map

Added CTF Casbah by Macd11 & Zorbos as a testing map

Added CP Ashworks by Berry as a testing map