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Backpack Überspritze.png
Kill Icons
Killicon ubersaw.png
Killicon taunt medic.png
Basic Information
Used by Medic
Slot Melee
Loadout Stats

The Überspritze


On Hit: 25% ÜberCharge added

-10 max health on wearer

"This doctor has a backup plan!"

Haha! Vhat a bloodbazh!

The Medic after extracting Über from his recently deceased "patient"

The Überspritze is an alternative melee weapon for the Medic. It is an oversized, metal syringe containing a team colored liquid displayed through measuring glass. It has two finger rings around the bottom and has blood stains around the tip. The liquid inside increases alongside the Medic's ÜberCharge percentage.

When the Überspritze hits an enemy, 25% ÜberCharge is given to the user regardless of damage. This occurs even on cloaked enemies, but not invulnerable or disguised ones, nor enemies that are cloaked and disguised at the same time. As a penalty, the Überspritze removes 10 points of maximum health from the user, bringing the Medic's base health down to 140 (215 when overhealed). Its stats are otherwise identical to the Bonesaw. Because the Überspritze can increase the Über meter faster than it drains, it's possible to indefinitely sustain an Übercharge by attacking enemies while one is active.

Taunting with the Überspritze, or pressing the alternate fire key, activates the Uberslice kill taunt, where the Medic stabs into an enemy and pulls the weapon out. The initial stab deals 1 damage and stuns for 3.7 seconds, filling the Über meter by 25%. The pull out deals 500 damage, does not stun, and fills the Über meter by 100%. The initial stab stuns invulnerable enemies, but does not give Über. The pull out gives Über on invulnerable enemies, or regardless of if the enemy dies. The taunt has a longer range than the regular melee swing and cannot deal critical hits, but can deal mini-crits. It will not damage buildings.


Damage type Melee
Ranged or Melee? Melee
Taunt Uberslice
Base damage 100% 65
Critical 195
Mini-crit 88
Function Times
Attack interval 0.8 s
Activation time 0.2 s
All values are approximate.


The Überspritze gives the Medic -10 health, but grants a massive 25% boost to your ÜberCharge meter for each attack that lands. If an enemy misjudges his ability to fight you, take him out with the Überspritze for an instant advantage. If you end up cornered, as a last resort, you can try taking it out to quickly fill the ÜberCharge meter, then escape with the resulting invincibility.

Avoid actively pursuing combat with the Überspritze in order to build a charge. Melee combat is risky against any class; instead, heal injured teammates, as healing builds up 25% ÜberCharge after about 10 seconds and 8 seconds for Medigun and Kritzkrieg, respectively.

Überspritze v. Stock Bonesaw

➕ Fills ÜberCharge faster

➖ -10 health when active

Update history

  • Reworked the UberSaw:
    • Renamed the Ubersaw to the Uberspritze.
    • Equipping the Uberspritze will now remove 25 health.
    • Can now Taunt Kill.
    • Updated the Taunt Kill voicelines to fit the model.
    • Updated Viewmodel animations to reduce clipping from the plunger.


  • Health penalty has been lessened to -10 (from -25) health


  • Removed -20% fire rate penalty

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Убер-Спринцовка Über-Syringe
Spanish Überspritze -
English Uberspritze -
French Überspritze -
German Uberspritze -
Hungarian Túloltó ?
Italian Überspritze -
Polish Überspritze -
Brazilian Portuguese Uberspritze -
Romanian Uberspritze -
Russian Убер-шприц Über-Syringe
Turkish Überspritze -
Ukrainian Убершприц Über-Syringe


  • "Überspritze" roughly translates to "Super Syringe" in German.

Comparisons from Team Fortress 2

  • The weapon is based from the Ubersaw but with a reworked model.
  • The "-10 max health on wearer" stat may be from the Vita-Saw.