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2.0.1 was a minor update for Team Fortress 2 Classic, released on August 14, 2020. It primarily featured rebalances of the Death & Taxes weapons and maps, as well as bugfixes and general enhancements. The patch notes were released on the official blog.

This update came after 2.0.0 and before 2.0.2.


Weapon changes ​

Updated the Nailgun:

  • Damage rampup increased to 175% (from 150%) to match Scattergun (Max damage now 20 up from 17)
  • Increased fire rate to 0.1s (from 0.115s)
  • Clip size & max ammo reduced by 20%

Updated the Flamethrower:(sic)

  • Made flames and airblast register more reliably

Updated the Dynamite Pack:

  • Recharge time slowed to 10s (from 7s)
  • Decreased throw charging time to 2s (from 4s)
  • Airblast, bullets, and melees push the main Dynamite Pack slightly further
  • Airblasting Dynamite Bomblets now extinguishes their fuse

Updated the Mine Layer:

  • Mines of losing team no longer detonate

Updated the Coilgun:

  • Fixed the Coilgun's alt-fire preventing reloading when empty

Updated the Hunting Revolver:

  • Fire rate slowed to 0.75s (from 0.6s)

Updated the Tranquilizer Gun:

  • Effect duration is now affected by distance falloff
  • Effect reworked: Colorblinds victim, and slows their movements by 33% for up to 5s
  • Slowing affects: Move speed, reload speed, weapon switch speed, melee attack speed, and Minigun spin-up and spin-down speed
  • No longer affects mouse sensitivity

Updated the Umbrella:

  • Plays a sound when alt-fire is unsuccessful

Updated Teleporters:

  • Are now 50 metal by default, and can be reverted back to 125 with tf2c_building_gun_mettle 0

Updated nail/syringe projectiles:

  • Are now consistent with the server's projectile position

Map changes ​

Updated vip_badwater:

  • Time has passed within Badwater, and it is now brighter outside

Updated vip_harbor:

  • Fixed a bug where RED's respawn time was shorter than BLU's respawn time, after capturing B
  • Updated the respawn time after B's capture to be 10 seconds for RED, and 2 seconds for BLU
  • Changed some models

Updated vip_mineside:

  • Added a new second route to the escape zone
  • Made some areas brighter
  • Added a small ammo kit to upper balcony at mid
  • Added more cover for upper balcony at mid
  • Adjusted respawn time for RED to be longer when escape gates are open
  • Other various changes

Updated vip_trainyard:

  • Updated the respawn time to be 2 seconds for BLU
  • Shortened the round timer to 4 minutes and 30 seconds (from 6 minutes)
  • Changed some models

General changes

Enabled vote kicking by default

Enabled vote kicking players in spectator

Enabled rate-limiting on ClientCommand 'voicemenu' (voice command spam has been limited to 0.3s, minimum)

Allowed custom items_game.txts to now allow PDA items in Medieval Mode

Fixed voice chat being quiet (if you've changed voice_scale, revert it back to 1)

Fixed an oversight that allowed achievements to be earned in Randomizer

Fixed a crash related to Arena queue

Fixed a crash related to disguising

Fixed a crash related to winning in Payload

Fixed a Linux crash related to CTF

Fixed broken sounds on Linux builds

Fixed the GRN flamethrower(sic) particles

Fixed being able to push stickybombs only once

Fixed the 'Bounced Betty' achievement being unachievable

Fixed loading item schemas packed inside maps

Adjusted Demoman bots to use stickies more often

Adjusted Heavy bots to not eat Sandviches while ubered(sic)

Adjusted Sniper bots to fix a case of picking bad spots

Adjusted Civilian Bots to stay behind the frontline, and retreat to spawn if no cover is found

Adjusted Randomized loadouts from being preserved on intentional deaths

Increased the building placement trace, to prevent some out-of-bounds exploits

Updated players to say "Thanks" when extinguished from afterburn

Updated dropped ammo (i.e. dropped weapons) to glow

Updated map icons for simplified server browser

Updated the changelevel vote issue to respect the map cycle

Updated the options menu to lower sensitivity as much as legacy options can

Updated the list of medal recipients

Updated the voting icons

Updated navigation files for Mineside and Badwater

Updated the localization files