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2.0.2 was a minor update for Team Fortress 2 Classic, released on May 21, 2021. It primarily featured weapon and map changes, as well as bugfixes and general improvements. The patch notes were released on the official blog.

This update came after 2.0.1 and before 2.0.3.


Weapon changes

Updated the Nailgun:

  • Reverted back to its 2.0.0 stats

Updated the Flamethrower:(sic)

  • Afterburn length is now 25% shorter, though total damage output is unchanged

Updated the Stickybomb Launcher:

  • Now consistent with live TF2's stickies
  • Fixed stickies not suffering from damage falloff
  • Damage rampup changed to 100% (from 70%)
  • Explosion radius rampup to 100% (from 80%)
  • Projectiles no longer bounce off friendly buildings

Updated the Dynamite Pack:

  • Added the ability to taunt kill your enemies while holding the weapon

Updated the Mine Layer:

  • Increased clip size & max stickies to 4 (from 3)
  • Max charge time decreased by 50%

Updated the Bottle:

  • Added particles upon breaking the bottle

Updated the Minigun:

  • Reduced the bullet spread to 0.08 (from 0.1)

Updated the Coilgun:

  • Fully charged shots are now 100% accurate

Updated the Syringe Gun:

  • Lowered the reload time to 1.2s (from 1.5s) to match the reload animation

Updated the Überspritze:

  • Health penalty has been lessened to -10 (from -25) health

Updated the Shock Therapy:

  • 15% slower heal rate on all Mediguns when equipped
  • Decreased the amount of healing done on hit to 100% (from 150%) of a classes health
  • Health is given to the target instantly
  • No longer uses Knife impact sounds when hitting players
  • Removed guaranteed crits against wet enemies

Updated the Hunting Revolver:

  • Removed the visual recoil
  • Lowered the fire rate to 0.675s (from 0.75s)

Updated the Fishwhacker:

  • Removed -20% slower fire rate
  • Replaced "Marked for Death while active" with "On Miss: Marked for Death for 3s"
  • Updated the description and item type
  • Added particles on impact to add to the new description

Updated the Tranquilizer Gun:

  • Tranquilized enemies now take full crits from Knives

Map changes ​

Updated arena_flask:

  • Updated a few displacements to prevent mobility classes from camping above the battleground

Updated cp_amaranth:

  • Added localization strings
  • Time has shifted, and sunlight covers more of the map
  • Updated the lighting in point A
  • Adjusted the visual clarity of point A, so it's easier to locate
  • Improved clipping around the map
  • Updated the train bells to play a few seconds before the train actually arrives
  • Allowed projectiles to pass through railings on the map
  • Removed the train gate doors near the far exit of caves to B
  • Removed the nobuild area on the traintracks at B
  • Fixed a few minor visual issues
  • Fixed a few soundscapes to work properly

Updated dom_hydro:

  • Added localization strings
  • Added a small room to BLU side to give Engineers and Spies more utility
  • Added a new route from the caves between RED and BLU to connect to YLW
  • Combined the two caves between RED and YLW into one larger cave

Updated ctf_casbah:

  • Fog has settled into the seas, to match the world fog
  • Improved visuals and details across the map
  • Added an extra spawn door for each team's spawn
  • Added detail doors to BLU's intel room entrances, to be consistent with RED base
  • Added cover for BLU side's balcony route
  • Added an extra resupply cabinet to each team's spawn
  • Adjusted each spawn point to directly face the exit from spawn
  • Adjusted the windows in front of RED's intel room to close off a window, while also adding a new route to RED intel
  • Adjusted the windows leading into BLU side to be larger
  • Adjusted clipping to prevent mobility classes from camping up above the battleground
  • Adjusted the full ammo and small medkit at mid to be easier to see
  • Adjusted pickups around RED and BLU side to be somewhat consistent
  • Adjusted a few wooden planks to be easier to walk on
  • Replaced a few models at Mid with crates
  • Updated the stairs near BLU side of mid to be easier to move around
  • Fixed a visual bug when falling beneath the water
  • Fixed up the concrete doorways to prevent players from getting stuck when walking against them
  • Removed the setup timer
  • Removed a few pickups from each team's intel room
  • Removed the fence in RED spawn to allow for better movement
  • Removed a pipe near RED side's entrance, for the same reason
  • Removed a pillar near RED spawn, for the same reason
  • Removed a pillar in BLU spawn, for the same reason

Updated vip_badwater:

  • Removed capture point C, due to its redundancy in actual play
  • Bumped the round timer's max limit from 6 minutes to 10 minutes, to compensate for point C's removal
  • Updated the visual design of each point's platform
  • Added a nobuild to stop Engineers from building out of bounds

Updated vip_harbor:

  • Shrunk RED's window on capture point C's building
  • Removed some props to open up the play-space
  • Adjusted the nobuild on the shed in front of First RED spawn to only be on the roof
  • Adjusted some Item Pickups
  • Added a small medkit near point C's upper flank route
  • Improved the visuals of the maps lighting a bit
  • Fixed the water cubemaps

General changes

Jittering atop certain props has been fixed (primarily noticeable on capture points)

Added the London asset pack - for more info, see https://london.tf2maps.net/

Added "Voice Commands" to the Chat Filter

Added tf2c_domination_uncap_factor, which makes control point progress recede faster in Domination

Added burning and backstab animations for the Civilian

Updated Domination's HUD to show which team is in the lead

Updated damage rounding to match Live TF2 (I.E. Minigun minimum damage has been rounded from 4 to 5)

Updated players who have just spawned to now receive the full heal-rate from Mediguns

Updated explosions to pass through friendly Engineer buildings

Updated highlighted dropped ammo to be a clientside option

Updated the round timer to no longer clip through the Arena and Domination HUDs

Updated tf2c_spy_gun_mettle to include updated Sapper damage modifier

Updated dropped Sandviches from dead Heavies to give points on pickup

Updated tf_arena_override_team_size to 64, so players don't have to sit out

Updated two team Arena to have before-round queues turned off, consistent with Four-Team General Updated the description of tf_dingalingaling

Updated gibs to be compatible with custom class textures

Disabled random bullet spread by default

Disabled Arena queue in two team, to be consistent with Four-Team

Restored custom map description .txt files

Fixed bullets from Sniper primaries not ignoring teammates

Fixed the Edit Loadout button not working on the class select screen

Fixed being able to freely respawn in Arena

Fixed newly connected players not getting DOM scores until they update

Fixed KOTH HUD not properly flashing when a team is highlighted

Fixed Lunchbox items not named "The Sandvich" being inedible

Fixed recent kill, killstreak, and achievement voicelines not playing when triggered

Fixed Sappers being hard to place on top of buildings

Fixed Spywalk not being applied clientside

Fixed lastdisguise to now remember enemy vs. ally disguise, rather than absolute team color

Fixed the tranquilized debuff being near instantly removed by healing, now halves duration as intended

Fixed death animations playing at the world origin

Fixed flame impact sounds on friendly buildings

Fixed a bug where flames would linger between round changes or restarts

Fixed tranquilized particles from staying on the player after immediately switching weapons

Fixed an exploit where Huntsman arrows could be used to give players large health pools

Fixed not being able to pick up dropped flags in spawn rooms that allow them.

Fixed HLTV/Replay players being able to join teams

Fixed crash related to giving yourself an invalid attribute ID via give_econ

TFBot: GRN/YLW spawn doors now properly block bots in 4team

TFBot: Added basic support for GRN/YLW invasion areas

TFBot: Lowered the amount of VIP escorting bots

TFBot: Civilian and Scout bots will be less likely to destroy Sentries

TFBot: Adjusted Demoman bots from preparing sticky traps if enemies are nearby

TFBot: Adjusted Engineer bots to place Teleporter entrances more reliably

TFBot: Snipers are able to find the opposing teams better in Four-Team

TFBot: Improved Spy bots by retreating when revealed, no longer targeting Sentries from long distances, using the Revolver to finish low-health targets, and backstabbing enemies that come in range whom are not the initial target

TFBot: Bots now spend less time retreating

TFBot: Bots now spend less time holding the fire button