Flare Gun

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Flare Gun
Backpack Flare Gun.png
Kill Icons
Killicon flaregun.png
Killicon deflect flare.png
Killicon taunt pyro.png
Basic Information
Used by Pyro
Slot Secondary
Ammo loaded 1
Ammo carried 16
Loadout Stats

The Flare Gun

Flare Gun

100% critical hit vs burning players

This weapon will reload when not active

"Send out a distress signal on behalf of that guy you just set on fire."

The Flare Gun is an alternative secondary weapon for Pyro. It is a plastic, team-colored flare gun with black grips and a metal sight on top. Enemies on fire will have their flames tinted their team's color.

The Flare Gun fires a team-colored flare projectile that deals 30 damage at any range, igniting whatever enemy it comes into contact with, causing them to suffer ten seconds of afterburn. Even though the flare itself is team-colored, the fire will always remain red. In addition, the Flare Gun will critical hit any enemy that is currently on fire, comboing with itself and dealing 90 damage. This includes enemy Pyros that have been (very briefly) set on fire. It is still able to randomly crit. The flare itself is decently fast and perfectly accurate, but suffers from gravity falloff, and can be reflected by enemy Pyros. The Flare Gun will also passively reload, meaning the user can switch weapons and still have a flare loaded. It will not fire underwater, but can damage underwater enemies if shot from above the surface.

Taunting with the Flare Gun will cause the Pyro to perform the Hadouken kill taunt, releasing a hitscan bullet (disguised as a cone of fire) from their hands and dealing 500 damage to any enemies directly in front of them, including those underwater. It will always face forwards regardless of where the user aims, can kill multiple enemies at once, and deal knockback to invulnerable enemies. It will not deal critical hits, but can deal mini-crits, and will damage buildings. If the victim somehow survives the taunt, they will not suffer afterburn. The fire is red regardless of which team the user is on.


Shot type Projectile
Damage type Bullet, fire
Ranged or Melee? Ranged
Taunt Hadouken
Base damage 100% 30
Critical 90
Mini-crit 41
Bullet count 1
Status Effects
Effect Afterburn
Afterburn 3 / tick
Afterburn (mini-crit) 4 / tick
Afterburn duration 10 s
Loaded 16
Reload type Passive
Function Times
Attack interval 2 s
All values are approximate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Сигналният пистолет Flare Gun
Spanish Pistola de Bengalas Flare Gun
English Flare Gun -
French Pistolet de détresse Flare Gun
German Signalpistole Flare Gun
Italian Pistola lanciarazzi Flare Gun
Brazilian Portuguese Arma Sinalizadora Flare Gun
Romanian Pistol de semnalizare Flare Gun
Russian Ракетница Flare Gun
Ukrainian Ракетниця Flare Gun

Update history

  • Updated Rockets, Arrows, Syringes and Flares to pass through Teammates. (tf2c_projectile_ally_collide 1 to re-enable)



  • Raised afterburn condition duration for Pyros to 0.5s (from 0.25s)
    • This allows for Flaregun(sic) combos in certain situations
  • Damage over time conditions (bleed, afterburn) no longer apply on the very same tick as damage


  • The Flare Gun was added to Team Fortress 2 in the 2008 Pyro Update.
  • The Hadouken (波動拳 in Japanese) originates from a special attack in the Street Fighter video games, where it is depicted as an orb of special energy rather than a cone of fire.