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Backpack Gunboats.png
Basic Information
Used by Soldier, Demoman
Slot Primary, Secondary
Loadout Stats

The Gunboats


-60% blast damage from explosive jumps

The Gunboats are a secondary weapon for the Soldier, and a primary weapon for the Demoman.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Бойните ботуши Combat Boots
Spanish Botas Blindadas Armored Boots
English Gunboats -
French Bottes de sûreté Safety Boots
German Raketenstiefel Rocket Boots
Italian Cannonieri Gunboats
Brazilian Portuguese Canhoneiras Gunboats
Romanian Gunboats -
Russian Штурмботинки Stormboots


  • While Team Fortress 2 Classic allows the Gunboats to be used by by both the Soldier and Demoman, originally this would have been the case for retail TF2 as well, however at one point before the WAR! updates release this idea was scrapped limiting it's usage to only Soldier.