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Backpack Wrench.png
Kill Icons
Killicon wrench.png
Basic Information
Used by Engineer
Slot Melee
Loadout Stats



Upgrades, repairs, and speeds up construction of friendly buildings on hit

"I do a little bit of everything."

The Wrench is the default melee weapon of the Engineer.

It is used to speed up the construction of buildings, as well as heal and upgrade them.

It can also be used to defuse Demoman's Dynamite Pack.


Damage type Melee
Ranged or Melee? Melee
Taunt Mad laugh
Base damage 100% 65
Critical 195
Mini-crit 88
Repair per hit 102
Upgrade per hit 25
Cost per repair Damage / 3
Cost per ammo 1 / bullet, 40 / hit
2 / rocket, 16 / hit
Function Times
Attack interval 0.8 s
Activation time 0.2 s
All values are approximate.

Related achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c defuse mirv.png Fuse Refusal Defuse an enemy Demoman's Dynamite Pack with the Wrench.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Гаечен ключ Wrench
Spanish Llave Inglesa Wrench
English Wrench -
French Clé Wrench
German Schraubenschlüssel Wrench
Italian Chiave inglese Wrench
Brazilian Portuguese Chave Inglesa Wrench
Romanian Cheie Wrench
Russian Гаечный ключ Wrench