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Backpack Huntsman.png
Kill Icons
Killicon huntsman.png
Killicon huntsman headshot.png
Killicon huntsman flyingburn.png
Killicon huntsman burning.png
Killicon huntsman headshotburn.png
[[File:killicon_{taunt sniper.png|center|frameless]]
Basic Information
Used by Sniper
Slot Primary
Ammo loaded 1
Ammo carried 12
Loadout Stats

The Huntsman


Whatever happened to chivalry?

The Huntsman is alternative primary weapon for the Sniper.

Update history

  • Added The Huntsman

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Ловецът Huntsman
Spanish Cazador Huntsman
English Huntsman -
French Huntsman -
German Huntsman -
Italian Arco da cacciatore Huntsman's Bow
Brazilian Portuguese Caçador Huntsman
Romanian Huntsman -
Russian Охотник Huntsman