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Backpack Sapper.png
Kill Icons
Killicon obj attachment sapper.png
Basic Information
Used by Spy
Slot Sapper
Loadout Stats



Disables enemy buildings and drains their health, without removing your disguise

"Who left that there?"

I murdered your toys as well.

The Spy destroying an engineers building after disposing of him

The Sapper is the stock and only sapper for the Spy. It is a boxy "electro-sapper" device that resembles a radio, with two switches, a dial, and a meter of unknown measurement on the front, with a carrying handle and two thick wires with electrical jacks. The needle on the meter will move to the right when in front of a targetable building.

The Sapper is a unique weapon that is used to disable and destroy enemy buildings, despite technically being classified as a "building" itself. It has no other purpose, and cannot be used on organic enemies. When in range of an enemy building that can be sapped, a white outline appears. Placing the sapper does not remove the Spy's disguise, and it has infinite ammo with practically no cooldown. While a building is sapped, it is totally disabled and does not function, with the Sapper dealing 25 damage per second to it, creating a loud and conspicuous electrical sound that alerts all nearby enemies to the Spy's presence. If one Teleporter is sapped, the other is automatically sapped as well, and destroying one Sapper destroys the other. When the Spy attacks a sapped Sentry Gun, his weapons deal 67% as much damage as usual.

It will also alert the Engineer who owns the building with a flashing symbol on his construction interface and an automatic voice response. If that player has the "Sapper awareness" setting activated (tf2c_building_sapper_awareness), most other game audio will have its volume lowered until the Sapper is destroyed. When the Sapper brings a building's health down to 0, it will explode as usual. The Engineer's Wrench can remove Sappers by hitting the affected building twice, preventing it from being repaired, with continual replacement of the Sapper causing the building to eventually be destroyed. The Sapper itself has 100 health, yet the only thing that can deal damage to it is the Wrench. Sapper health and sapped building health of the first Sapper placed will also be marked on the Spy's interface. Sentry Guns are still disabled for 0.5 seconds after the Sapper is destroyed.


Base damage 100% 25 / s
Status Effects
Effect Disable
Effect duration 3.6 s
6 s
7.2 s
8.64 s
Function Times
Attack interval Infinite
Activation time Instant
All values are approximate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Саботьор Sapper
Spanish Zapador Sapper
English Sapper -
French Saboteur Sapper
German Sapper -
Italian Sabotatore Sapper
Brazilian Portuguese Sabotador Sapper
Romanian Sapper -
Russian Жучок Bug
Ukrainian Глушилка Jammer

Update history

  • Fixed Buildings that're(sic) Destroyed by a Sapper Not Showing Up in the Killfeed
  • Fixed Spies being able to destroy their own sappers.(sic)
  • Fixed the Heavy, Pyro, and Soldier’s Place Sapper animations to be left-handed.


  • Updated tf2c_spy_gun_mettle to include updated Sapper damage modifier
  • Fixed Sappers being hard to place on top of buildings


  • Sapper outline is no longer visible when sapper is not yet ready to be placed


  • The Sapper has updated animations that include the Spy flipping a switch on the device as he pulls it out.