Destruction PDA

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Destruction PDA
Backpack Destruction PDA.png
Basic Information
Used by Engineer
Slot PDA
Loadout Stats

Destruction PDA

Destruction PDA

The Destruction PDA is an inherent PDA for the Engineer, which is used to destroy his own buildings. It does not show up on his loadout screen. It appears as a dark gray handheld device with a small and shiny blank screen, an antenna coming out the top, and a big red button in the middle. The button appears red regardless of which team the user is on.

When active, the Destruction PDA shows a "Demolish" menu with the buildings the user owns or has not yet built. When selecting a building to destroy, that building will immediately explode, no matter how far into construction it is. Similar to the building being destroyed by an enemy, the explosion deals no damage or knockback, and spreads pieces of metal that provide a small amount of ammo. Each building has a subtly different destruction sound effect. When destroying a Teleporter that is about to teleport an ally, that teleport will be immediately cancelled. The user cannot destroy buildings with a Sapper attached to them. The user will immediately switch to their last weapon once the building is destroyed, the same as when clicking attack with the Destruction PDA out.

The Destruction PDA is useless for actually constructing buildings. That duty goes to the Construction PDA, which has no built-in destructive capabilities.

Update history

  • Added aimmatrices to the Engineer's PDA animations. (Previously would never look around when moving around the players view.)



  • If the user selects a building they cannot destroy, the Engineer will appear to press the button on the Destruction PDA. This is only visible to other players. This can also be replicated with the pda_click console command.
  • Unlike the Construction PDA, the screen on the Destruction PDA is shiny, and will have a fake reflection on it.