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Backpack Pistol.png
Kill Icons
Killicon pistol.png
Basic Information
Used by Engineer, Scout
Slot Secondary
Ammo loaded 12
Ammo carried 36 (Scout)
200 (Engineer)
Loadout Stats



"Start dancin', boy."



"All them bullets are gonna go straight to ya skull."

The Pistol is the default secondary weapon for Scout and Engineer. It is a compact, semi-automatic pistol with wooden grips and a slightly blue metallic tint. The tint is blue regardless of which team the user is on.

The Pistol's purpose is to act as a reliable sidearm for when the user's primary weapon is out of ammo. To facilitate this aim, it deals 15 damage per shot, and has a fast fire rate and reload speed. Despite its appearance, it fires automatically. Its secondary purpose is dealing reliable damage at mid-range, as opposed to the sharp damage falloff and high pellet spread of the Scattergun and Shotgun. The Pistol is reasonably accurate at long distance, and its large clip allows many opportunities for killing a fleeing enemy. Instead of simply holding down the fire button at a distant enemy, the user should aim and place their shots, shooting one at a time to ensure that each one hits.

In addition, the Scout and Engineer have subtly different uses for the Pistol. The Scout uses it to increase his uptime and aggressively finish off enemies damaged by the Scattergun, as well as serving as a main weapon for when he can't find the time to reload his Scattergun. By contrast, the Engineer uses it to supplement his Sentry damage by shooting at enemies from a distance, as well as spamming bullets down corridors and corners to suss out cloaked Spies. The Engineer's gigantic reserve ammo pool of 200, combined with his proximity to his own Dispenser, means that he can freely spycheck allies by shooting at whoever comes near.

As with the SMG and Revolver, the first bullet shot after 1.25 seconds is completely accurate.


Shot type Hitscan
Damage type Bullet
Ranged or Melee? Ranged
Taunt Jogging
Maximum ramp-up 150% 22
Base damage 100% 15
Maximum fall-off 52.8% 8
Critical 45
Mini-crit 20
Mini-crit (ramp-up) 30
Bullet count 1
Spread 0.03
Loaded 12
Carried 36
Reload type Clip
Function Times
Attack interval 0.15 s
Reload 1 s
Spread recovery 1.25 s
All values are approximate.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Пистолет Pistol
Spanish Pistola Pistol
English Pistol -
French Pistolet Pistol
German Pistole Pistol
Italian Pistola Pistol
Brazilian Portuguese Pistola Pistol
Romanian Pistol -
Russian Пистолет Pistol
Ukrainian Пістолет Pistol

Update history



  • In Team Fortress 2, prior to a 2009 update, the Pistol worked similarly to the USP Match from Half-Life 2, in that holding down the fire button would make it fire at a very slow rate, but clicking it repeatedly would make it fire much faster. In Team Fortress 2 Classic, the cvar tf2c_pistol_old_firerate restores this functionality.
  • When reloading, the Scout will twirl the Pistol around the trigger guard, in a blatant violation of firearms safety. By contrast, the Engineer will responsibly reload with the barrel facing away from him, as opposed to his taunt, where he twirls it around and causes it to face him four times.