Dynamite Pack

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Dynamite Pack
Backpack Dynamite Pack.png
Kill Icons
Killicon mirv projectile.png
Killicon mirv bomb.png
Basic Information
Used by Demoman
Slot Secondary
Loadout Stats

The Dynamite Pack


+50% max primary ammo on wearer

Splits into 4 smaller bomblets upon exploding

Can be defused by the Wrench

"Ye'll be in bits tomorrow."

The Dynamite Pack is a throwable secondary weapon that consists of a team-colored bundle of five dynamite sticks, held together with a thick strap, which has an electronic keypad with nine buttons on it, attached to the pack with a thick yellow wire. The wire appears yellow regardless of which team the user is on. Three lights will glow on the screen, along with three beeps, to indicate how long until it detonates.

The Dynamite pack creates an initial high-damage explosion which spreads four smaller sticks of dynamite, which then finally explode themselves. It can be charged up to two seconds, increasing the speed of the thrown pack. Hitting an enemy with the pack will deal 30 damage regardless of range, and slow the enemy's movement for 0.5 seconds. If the main pack hits a surface after it is thrown, it will bounce in a random direction before coming to rest. Once it is thrown, the main pack will detonate after 2.5 seconds, dealing massive splash damage. During the main explosion, it randomly spreads out its four remaining dynamite sticks, which then randomly detonate between 1 and 2 seconds after.

The Demoman can only carry one Dynamite Pack at a time. After it is thrown, it recharges after 10 seconds, after visiting a resupply locker, or after respawning. If thrown underwater, it will have significantly reduced velocity, but will still explode as normal. In addition, equipping the Dynamite Pack also gives the Demoman a 50% increase in max primary ammo. This means that the Grenade Launcher has 24 carried ammo instead of the default 16. This increase has no effect when using the Gunboats. As a hidden attribute, the Dynamite Pack allows switching to it in 0.3 seconds instead of the default of 0.5 seconds.

A thrown Dynamite Pack can be defused by the Engineer by hitting it with the Wrench, but not the smaller dynamite sticks. The smaller bomblets can be defused by Pyro's airblast, but not the main dynamite pack, which can only be moved away. Although the pack can be airblasted out of the air, it will pass through players on the Demoman's team (including he who threw it), dealing no impact damage. It will still deal impact damage to players on the Pyro's team.

Taunting with the Dynamite Pack will cause the Demoman to blow himself up after 3.8 seconds, dealing between 900 and 450 damage to any enemy in the explosion radius, and 750 damage to himself. This will also damage enemy buildings, dealing up to 1000 damage, and deal a huge amount of knockback to invulnerable enemies. The Gunboats do not reduce self-damage from this taunt. If the user somehow survives the explosion, such as through an ÜberCharge, the Dynamite Pack will be consumed, and the user will be launched upwards a significant amount.


Shot type Projectile
Damage type Explosive
Ranged or Melee? Ranged
Taunt Kablooey
Base damage 100% 170
Critical 510
Mini-crit 230
Minimum splash 50% 146 HU
Damage reduction 1% / 2.92 HU
Self-damage 135-68
Loaded 1
Reload type Recharge
Function Times
Attack interval 0.7 s
Activation time 2.5 s
3.5 s
4.5 s
Charge fill speed 50% / s
Charge fill time 2 s
Recharge time 10 s
All values are approximate.

Related achievements

Achievement Description
Tf2c kill buildings with mirv.png KA-BLOOIE! Take out 5 Engineer buildings with the Dynamite Pack.
Tf2c defuse mirv.png Fuse Refusal Defuse an enemy Demoman's Dynamite Pack with the Wrench.
Tf2c achievement extinguish bomblets.png Birthday Blowout Extinguish 20 Dynamite Pack sticks by airblasting them.
Tf2c achievement taunt kill mirv.png 1, 1, 1, Uhh... Kill an enemy with an explosives configuration gone wrong.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Динамит Dynamite
Spanish Pack de Dinamita Dynamite Pack
English Dynamite Pack -
French Pack de dynamite Dynamite Pack
German Dynamitbündel Dynamite Bundle
Hungarian Dinamitcsomó Dynamite Bundle
Italian Pacco di dinamiti Dynamite Pack
Polish Ładunek Dynamitu Dynamite Charge
Brazilian Portuguese Pacote de Dinamite Dynamite Pack
Romanian Pachet de dinamită Dynamite Pack
Russian Связка динамита Dynamite Bundle
Turkish Dinamit Paketi Dynamite Pack
Ukrainian Зв’язка динаміту Dynamite Bundle

Update history

  • Added The Dynamite Pack


  • Recharge time slowed to 10s (from 7s)
  • Decreased throw charging time to 2s (from 4s)
  • Airblast, bullets, and melees push the main Dynamite Pack slightly further
  • Airblasting Dynamite Bomblets now extinguishes their fuse


  • Added the ability to taunt kill your enemies while holding the weapon


  • Updated the Dynamite Pack:
    • Now deals 30 damage when directly hitting a player
    • Damage is not affected by range
    • Now briefly slows enemies on direct hit
    • Increased primary ammo on wearer by 50%
    • Doubled taunt kill damage and radius
  • Support score is now awarded for destroying stickies, disarming Dynamite Packs, and airblasting Dynamite bomblets
  • Bonus score is now awarded for deflecting crit projectiles, defusing crit Dynamite Packs, destroying crit stickies


  • The Dynamite Pack was originally planned for Team Fortress 2 during its pre-release stages, as a re-imaging of Team Fortress Classic's MIRV Grenade. It is unknown if it was ever intended to act as its own weapon.
  • The achievement for taunt killing an enemy with the Dynamite Pack is named "1, 1, 1, Uhh...", which is a reference to a joke from the Meet The Spy video. Despite this, the Demoman only presses the button three times on the Dynamite Pack, instead of four times.
  • The Dynamite Pack taunt explosion slightly shifts the Demoman's position downwards, assuming he is not instantly exploded. This allows an invulnerable Demoman to get stuck in certain slopes, unable to escape until death.