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Medi Gun
Backpack Medi Gun.png
Basic Information
Used by Medic
Slot Secondary
Loadout Stats

Medi Gun

Medi Gun

"The Gods will feel the pain of what they've allowed to be created in this world."

Get zem. Raus, Raus!

The Medic after ÜberCharging a teammate

The Medi Gun is the default secondary weapon of the Medic. It is a fire hose which has been modified into a device of mad science, emitting a team-colored energy beam leading to his patient, and attached to a hybrid transformer and pressure tank on the Medic's back by means of a rubber hose. Patients that kill an enemy while being healed by the Medi Gun will give the Medic an assist.

The Medi Gun is not a traditional weapon, designed to kill enemies. It instead heals allies (and disguised enemy Spies) by connecting them to the Medi Gun, through means of a scientific beam of health-providing energy. The amount of health given per second ranges between 24 and 72, depending on the last time the patient took damage. If they took damage within 10 seconds, it heals for its minimum rate. If they took damage over 15 seconds ago, it heals for its maximum. Patients who took damage between 10 and 15 seconds ago are healed somewhere inbetween, scaling linearly. If the patient is at full health, the Medi Gun will overheal them, up to 1.5 times their base health.

It addition, it has an ÜberCharge meter which fills at 2.5% per second while healing, reduced to 1.25% when healing a patient at 142.5% health. For maps with a pre-round setup timer, the charge rate is tripled during it, as well as during the post-round humiliation if the Medic's team has won. If a patient is being healed by another source, such as a Dispenser, the Payload, or another Medi Gun, the charge rate is halved for each source. While mini-crit boosted by the Civilian's Umbrella, the Medi Gun gives 35% increased heal rate and gains 35% increased ÜberCharge rate.

When the charge meter is at 100%, it can ÜberCharge the Medic and their patient for 8 seconds, granting them invulnerability and a team-colored metallic shine. This protection from damage makes it trivial to push through enemy fortifications, clearing a path for the rest of his team to capture the objective. It does not give protection from knockback effects, such as explosions, a Sentry Gun's bullets, or a Pyro's airblast. It also does not prevent death from certain map hazards, such as trains and bottomless pits. Multiple patients can be ÜberCharged at once, increasing the rate of charge drained for each invulnerable patient. If the Medic switches away from the Medi Gun while invulnerable, the patient remains invulnerable for 1 second, while the Medic loses invulnerability until he switches back. This also includes when the ÜberCharge is about to expire, effectively making it last for 9 seconds. ÜberCharged players generally cannot contribute to objectives, such as capturing Control Points or picking up flags.


Taunt Bow
Status Effects
Effect ÜberCharge
Effect duration 9 s
Healing (in combat) 100% 24 / s
Healing (out of combat) 300% 72 / s
Beam connect distance 450 HU
Beam disconnect distance 540 HU
Function Times
Charge fill speed 2.5% / s
1.25% / s
Charge fill time 40 s
80 s
All values are approximate.
Duration Patients
9 s 0
9 s 1
6.33 s 2
5 s 3
4.2 s 4
3.66 s 5

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bulgarian Медикаментозното оръжие Medical Gun
Spanish Pistola Médica Medical Gun
English Medi Gun -
French Medigun -
German Medigun -
Italian Pistola medica Medical Gun
Brazilian Portuguese Arma Médica Medical Gun
Romanian Armă medicală Medical Gun
Russian Лечебная пушка Medical Gun
Ukrainian Медгармата Medi Gun

Update history

  • Ported Uber draining faster when healing multiple patients.
  • Fixed Medigun(sic) heal beams, Ubers & HUD not working for non-Medics in Randomizer mode
  • Added unique HUD icons for Stickybombs, Proximity Mines, the Kritzkrieg, and the Medigun.(sic)
  • Improved Uber textures to now be modular with custom skins.


  • Updated players who have just spawned to now receive the full heal-rate from Mediguns


  • The Medigun(sic) no longer sometimes fails to activate its charge after your first spawn


  • Updated the Medi Gun and Kritzkrieg:
    • Now play a customizable progress sound that changes pitch based on patient health


  • Crit boosted Mediguns now require tf2c_medigun_critboostable 2 to gain a heal rate bonus (set to 1 by default, only for minicrits)


  • The seconds an ÜberCharge lasts per number of patients healed follows the simple and intuitive formula, f(x) = (16 / (x + 1)) + 1.